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New Pokémon Melmetal, Meltan Evolution, Revealed

Meltan will be the first Mythical Pokémon to be able to evolve.

by Dylan Siegler


Earlier this month, some more information about the mysterious Mythical Pokémon Meltan was revealed. Among this new info was the implication that Meltan may be able to evolve. Now, even more information has come out that confirms Meltan’s evolutionary chain.

In a new video, it was revealed that several Meltan can come together to evolve into a new Pokémon called Melmetal, making Meltan the first Mythical Pokémon capable of evolving. Like its pre-evolutionary form, Melmetal is a Steel-type and is classified as a Hex Nut Pokémon. Melmetal will have its own signature move called Double Iron Bash, a strong, Steel-type attack that may cause opponents to flinch.

New information on the official Pokémon website has also revealed how players can get a Meltan to evolve into Melmetal. Technically speaking, you don’t really need multiple Meltan to come together to evolve, as portrayed in the new video. Instead, only one Meltan is actually necessary, but catching more will be helpful. Though you can send a Meltan that you caught in Pokémon GO to one of the Let’s Go games, Meltan can only evolve in GO. Meltan requires 400 Meltan Candies to evolve, so you’ll probably want to catch a ton of Meltan, walk around with one as your Buddy, and send the rest to Professor Willow so you can stock up on as many Meltan Candies as you can. Alternatively, you’ll also be able receive Meltan Candies by sending Meltan from GO to Let’s Go. Once evolved, you can keep Melmetal in GO or you can send it to Let’s Go.

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