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Next Destiny Expansion Coming September 15 With New Sub-Classes, According to Leak

by William Schwartz


The next expansion for Destiny may very well be arriving on September 15th, according to leaked marketing materials that were procured by Kotaku.  The publication corroborates the recent trademark discoveries and leaked Red Bull adverts that outed The Taken King.

However, Kotaku’s report reveals that The Taken King Expansion will be a $40 add-on for the game, and will feature a new subclass for each of game’s classes.  It outs new elemental abilities for the Hunter, Warlock, and Titan.  The Warlock is said to have an Arc Electrical Storm, Hunter a Void Gravity Bow, and Titan a Solar Flaming Hammer.

As for the rest of the content in this pricey expansion, expect new strikes, multiplayer maps, and a new Raid said to feature the father of Crota, Oryx.  Alongside Oryx, a new army of enemies called the Taken.

The leak did not reveal whether or not a new planet would be added to the game, or whether Destiny players would be running around the same locales.  This has been one of the sticking points for many Destiny players in the variety that the game has offered in its first three add-ons.

The most recent, House of Wolves, added a new social area, but the story content for the game was little more than rehashed areas that most had already seen.  The addition of a new raid will most likely be appreciated, but for $40 they better be throwing just about everything they can into this add-on.

Bungie has already made known their plans for a presence at E3 2015.  We’ll likely find out just how much of this information is accurate, and maybe more in just a week’s time.

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