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Nintendo Switch Price Drop Is Only For Europe

Price drop confirmed for the Nintendo Switch across Europe
Nintendo Switch

Nintendo have confirmed a permanent price drop for the Switch console in the UK and Europe.

Listed on the official Nintendo store (with other retailers slowly following suit), the original Switch console is now retailing for £259.99 instead of the usual £279.99. The price is now permanent, not a limited offer!

This £20 price drop is likely due to the upcoming release of the updated OLED Switch model. Releasing in a few weeks’ time, the OLED Switch features better graphics and a bigger screen – and a bigger price tag, listed for £309. Where this console is aimed at players that want a higher definition on their games, and higher specs, the price drop on the original Nintendo Switch is likely to entice casual players to purchase the console.

The official price change comes after a leak reported it last week; a known French Nintendo site, Nintend’Alerts, stated that the Switch would receive a price drop on Monday, retailing for around £270. This leak has now proven true.

The Nintendo Switch first released in early 2017, and since then has not changed price, until now. The Switch Lite released in late 2019, with a price tag of £199 – and $199, which had some fans scratching their heads due to the exchange rate between the currencies.


Currently there are no plans for a price drop in the US, but given the exchange rate, the $299.99 price tag is closer to £260 rather than the previous £280. It is likely that there will be a price drop announced, however.

Nintendo is still continuing to actively support all Switch models; having just released firmware update 13.0.0, which adds Bluetooth Audio support!

As well as this, there are constant releases of Nintendo’s own triple-A franchise titles; such as this month’s Wario Ware: Get It Together! and the highly anticipated Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

The Nintendo Switch is available now.

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