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Nioh TGS Trailer Shows Off New Characters And Yokai

by Mike Guarino


During the Tokyo Game Show we finally learned the official release date of Team Ninja’s long-awaited Nioh, with the game missing its previous late 2016 release and now coming out in February of next year. However, there was also a new trailer for the game that was shown off, and we now have the footage to share with you.

While we’ve seen some of this footage previously, this marks the first time that we’re able to see footage of the two previously revealed new characters in action. There’s also a fantastic sequence of protagonist William’s ship and crew being obliterated by a leviathan, and the other new bits of gameplay all look fantastic.

So far Nioh has had two demo periods that have given users a great look into the game that Team Ninja have been cooking up. The second one improved upon the first greatly as it took user feedback into account, refining some elements while also adding in an improved lock-on system and getting rid of weapon durability. There are currently no plans for a third demo to be released.

Nioh will launch exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 9th, 2017. Check out the Japanese trailer from the Tokyo Game Show below.

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