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Payday 2 Helps an Old Friend in the Ukrainian Prisoner Heist

An old, but good friend needs your help.

by Shawn Robinson


Starbreeze and Overkill have proven to be very proficient when it comes to a steady stream of Payday 2 content. Fans excited for the distant release of Payday 3 have plenty to sink their teeth into, with all the story content anyone could hope for. As to be expected, today is no different, as the Payday gang are on a mission to save an old but good friend of theirs. The Payday 2: Ukrainian Prisoner Heist is now available, alongside the fresh Guardians Tailor Pack for those who appreciate a little style on their heisting adventures.

The Ukrainian Prisoner Heist follows up the elusive Dragon Heist, where the Payday 2 gang snagged themselves the priceless Dragon Statue. When stealing from such a high-profile organization as the triads though, that sort of thing is bound to have repercussions. The triads have kidnapped our old friend Vlad, keeping him in the San Francisco docks. As a team of four, you must infiltrate the docks and assist Vlad in his escape, perhaps grabbing whatever you can along the way. You can rescue the man himself in either Stealth or Loud, and a long list of pre-planning options are available, meaning you can tailor this heist specifically to your preferences.

As mentioned though, that’s not all that’s arriving today. Payday 2 heisters can pick up the Guardians Tailor Pack, featuring the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, White Tiger, and Vermillion Bird outfits. These are modeled after modern streetwear, giving heisters a much different outfit approach as compared to other packs. To accompany these outfits, the Ripstop Tactical and Ripstop Casual are sure to leave you both stylish and stealthy as you handle all sorts of competition. And finally, the Padded Moto and Comfort Modo complete the full ensemble.

The Payday 2: Ukrainian Prisoner Heist DLC is available over on Steam for $7.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also pick up the Guardians Tailor Pack at just a few dollars. Payday 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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