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Platinum Games tease Wonderful 101 for Nintendo Switch

by Lewis White


Just days after their tantalizing tease of Bayonetta for Nintendo Switch, Platinum Games’ Japanese Twitter account have already moved on to tease fans once more. This time, Platinum Games’ newest hint turns towards one of their lesser-known titles, the Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101.

Their newest tweet shows three characters in the 3D-cartoon style of The Wonderful 101, with the far right character looking suspiciously like the original game’s director Hideki Kamiya. Hidden in the hands of these characters are pairs of Famicom-style Joy-Con controllers, and the screen is most definitely a blurred-out image of The Wonderful 101.


The original release of The Wonderful 101 released exclusively on the Wii U and as a result of the consoles poor sales, it didn’t see the same amount of publicity that a lot of Platinum’s other gems do. With Nintendo Switch selling extremely well in its first few months, especially in Japan, it would be a very good move for Platinum to move some of their previously fairly unsuccessful titles over to Nintendo’s new platform.

The biggest question regarding this tease is whether The Wonderful 101 will be a port/remaster of the original title, or whether Platinum Games are working on a sequel. In the game’s campaign mode, The Wonderful 101 does allow for players to use the Wii U’s GamePad controller to view the game from a traditional third person perspective. In the move from Wii U to Switch, the original game would either have to replace this function with a simple button press or remove it entirely.

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