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PlayStation Plus Free Games for December 2018

Come for Onrush, stay for Soma

by Jacob Bukacek

PlayStation Plus subscribers are only one week away from getting their hands on a new batch of free games. As usual, December’s PlayStation Plus line-up offers a couple titles each for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. This next crop of games might not measure up to November’s offerings, but those who give them a chance will be glad they did so.

Headlining December’s PlayStation Plus list are Soma and Onrush for the PlayStation 4. For those who haven’t already played it, Soma comes from the same team that brought Amnesia: The Dark Descent to life. It’s gameplay still largely consists of exploring an exotic location and avoiding monsters, but this time it’s a tale of science gone wrong rather than dark rituals and eldritch horrors. Definitely check it out if you like science fiction and questioning the nature of being.

As for Onrush, it’s a vehicular combat game masquerading as a racer. The goal in an Onrush match isn’t to take first place, but to gain as many points for one’s team as possible. Depending on the mode, this can be done by controlling a moving “hill” zone as a team, checking opponents into walls, or even just blasting full speed ahead for as long as possible. This might not be the best fit for fans of pure racers like Gran Turismo, but Burnout fans should definitely look into it.

Over on the PlayStation 3, fans can pick up Steredenn: a space-themed bullet hell shooter, and Steins;Gate: an excellent visual novel based around the consequences of time travel. Finally, PS Vita users get Iconoclasts and Papers, Please; the former is a 2D action adventure title while the latter is a game of gut-wrenching decisions, none of which are necessarily right. If any of these sound interesting, they can be picked up on PSN starting on December 4 and at any time after that until January 1, 2019.

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