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PSA: Deconstruct And Upgrade Your Materials On The Division Right Now Before New Update

by Dean James


The Division launched last month to exceptional sales numbers, with people still playing a lot in the time since release. While not any sort of DLC, the first major update for the game is coming Tuesday, which has some changes to certain aspects of the game. One in particular will make the crafting part of the game more difficult, which we told you about last week, so we wanted to give you one last very late heads up on what is best to do prior to the update going live.

This is definitely a case of a true last minute warning, but for those that are home and either playing or can turn their copy of The Division on right now, there is something you should do.

The servers are supposed to be going down in the next couple hours, with an estimate of 3 am ET, which will mean you cannot play The Division until they are back up. However, prior to that downtime, we have one big recommendation for something that will greatly help you in the long run.

For those that are leveled up quite a bit and have earned gear of different colors, you will want to narrow down what you want equipped and what you may use in the future and deconstruct the rest. The reason for this is that after the 1.1 update goes live, deconstructing items will yield less materials. That is not all though, as the cost of upgrading your materials from one class, such as green to blue or blue to orange will go up as well, which means it will overall be much harder to acquire these materials for the higher end gear.

You may only have an hour or two to take advantage of this now due to the servers going down for maintenance soon, but definitely take advantage of this old system if you get a chance in that short time before.

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