Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Delayed: Friend Invites “Coming Soon”

How Long Is Too Long?

by J.R. Waugh


Ubisoft dropped some unfortunate news just 2 days before the release of their new title, Rainbow Six Extraction.  They tweeted out to their followers on Tuesday that their Buddy Pass, the system through which whoever owns the game can give up to 2 friends full access to the game, was delayed.  Read more to find out more details below!

Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass Delayed: Friend Invites “Coming Soon”

On January 18th, Ubisoft’s R6 Extraction team Twitter account sent out the following:


In the tweet, Ubisoft promises to have the Buddy Pass available for players, within a few days of the release however there is no concrete date given as to when the feature will be made available.  As of January 22nd, there is still no update given on it.  For those still unsure what the Buddy Pass is, this feature enables a player who owns the game to send “Buddy Tokens” to others who do not own the game, to join them for a limited period.  This means that instead of playing a 2-hour trial, they can play as part of the same team as the owner for up to 2 weeks.

While this delay is a potentially frustrating situation for those who are still uncertain as to whether they’ll buy the game, it does allow players who are on the fence to find out more about the game before playing.  For those who are interested we have lots of helpful guides to get you started.  We have also recently released our review with plenty of impressions so you can learn more about what to expect from the game.  Finally, despite delays not being much of a surprise with this game, players on Ubisoft+ or Game Pass don’t feel it is as big a deal as they can already play the game at no added cost.

This concludes our update on the Rainbow Six Extraction Buddy Pass being delayed, be sure to check out more content below!  And keep an eye out for more developments on the Buddy Pass, so you can get your friends on for free!

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