Rainbow Six Extraction Gets Delayed Until 2022

No monster tangos to take down until next year.

by Andron Smith
Rainbow Six Extraction

In a blog post from Ubisoft today, the team working on Rainbow Six Extraction announced the game would be delayed into next year. Unlike the delay of GhostWire: Tokyo earlier this week, Ubisoft confirmed that the push on release date was to further polish the game and ensure it meets the AAA standards of quality it has set for itself. As mentioned during Ubisoft’s E3 2021 conference, Rainbow Six Extraction is a standalone single-player or co-op experience with a more supernatural focus than Rainbow Six Siege. To this end, a lot of work is going into making it truly stand out in terms of some features that are not present in Siege. Unfortunately, Extraction has been delayed from September of this year until January 2022 to really get that polish applied. However, that’s not the only game Ubisoft has delayed today.

Riding Will Have To Wait

Similar to Rainbow Six Extraction’s blog post today, Riders Republic is also being delayed. In case you’re unfamiliar, Riders is an extreme sports sandbox game where you and hundreds of players can compete or just mess around on mountain bikes or in a wingsuit. The delay of this sports title is also cited as needing more time to fine-tune the experience before its release. Riders has been delayed from September 2nd to October 28th, 2021. The game does have a beta coming soon which will probably be used to further adjust the online multiplayer experience to ensure no buggy issues at launch.

Both of these games getting a delay on the same date from Ubisoft is a bit alarming, but with many countries now lowering their pandemic restrictions in light of more vaccinated persons around the world, there is more than likely a push to re-evaluate the status of development in the office with more of their tools readily available. While we will still be getting Riders Republic this year, the delay of Extraction definitely stings a bit more.

Rainbow Six Extraction will release sometime in January 2022 on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.