Real Life FNAF Animatronics Are Being Built for the Upcoming Movie

Uhh, the animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night.

by Shaun Cichacki


It seems that Freddy and the crew are coming to the big screen in a big way. In the upcoming Five Nights At Freddy’s feature film, we won’t need to worry if CGI is going to hold them back from being the horrifying monsters that they really are. Rather, we will be seeing them in all of their glory through the help of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, who is helping to bring them out of the world of the game, and into our real life.

While it seems that the whole premise of the game would point us in the obvious direction of “please don’t bring the murderous robot bear and his friends to life”, it seems that Jason Blum and his production company have other thoughts on the matter. How else are you going to feel the true, visceral horror unless Freddy Fazbear is towering over you, ready to hunt you down until 5 am?

Five Nights At The Cinema

Jason Blum has confirmed and shared a photo that was taken, of the Creature Shop hard at work showing off a preemptive design of Freddy, and it looks like the designer is having an absolute blast creating and bringing these characters to life. It seems that this movie is going to be more of a passion project than expected, so hopefully, we can finally throw the trope of “all video game movies are bad” out of the window.

Blumhouse has been detrimental in putting out a variety of different films, and while some have been critical and commercial darlings, others have not shared that same fate. It will be interesting to see which direction they happen to go when it comes to the Five Nights At Freddy’s film, and how closely they’ll stick to the source material. Will it fall more in line with psychological horror, become a sort of slasher film, or will it, unfortunately, fail to reach the heights that it deserves to?

We can only hope that they keep things true, but bring the more extended parts of the lore into the picture, and allow this film to be the dark, disturbing tale that it deserves to be, and with the passion of the costume designers and director behind it, it seems that things are pointing in the right direction for that to happen. Keep yourself tuned into our Five Nights At Freddy’s section of the site for any updates on upcoming video game projects, as well as updates on the film as they begin to come out.

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