Runescape Necromancy Skill Finally Revealed: Here’s All of the Bone-Chilling Details You Need to Know

Are you awaiting the Necromancy skill in Runescape?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Jagex

Runescape players are always keeping their ears to the ground about any new Necromancy information and today that information has been heard loud and clear. The Necromancy skill has been known for a while, since last year to be exact. This article will take you through everything you need to know about the Necromancy skill from what was shown by the developer’s first look trailer.

The trailer itself was around nine minutes in length and there were plenty of interesting details to take away. Some of the progression details were certainly a favorite and if you were looking for a skill that matches your playstyle then you can rest assured Necromancy will do that. Listed below the video is all that you need to know.

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  • Player feedback will be taken into account a lot after the main release of the Necromancy skill. This means that you will still have the chance to shape the skill in some way.
  • The Necromancy skill is regarded as being “accessible to all player types” and this is backed up by the explanation of how the new ritual system can be used to unlock abilities in the “Well of Souls”. There are twelve different ritual recipes that can be performed by use of various resources. Rituals also reward experience points and can even give crafting materials.
  • Deathguard is the main hand weapon for the Necromancy skill and can be used for ranged damage but the Spirit Lantern is the Off-hand weapon for summoning allies. It should be noted that the longer your summons are active, the more damage they deal.
  • The “Bone-Chill” Incantation will let you use defensive abilities without needing a shield at all — This is an extremely beneficial change for players.
  • You can upgrade to Tier 90 not just by progressing with main active playstyles but also by completing Necromancy Narrative Story quests. There are also new equipment, abilities, and incantations for you to unlock. Some of these abilities are unlocked via talents that are rewarded for taking part in the “Necromancy Combat”.

Redditors were also quick to share their thoughts on everything that was shown by the development team today. A few Redditors had taken a special interest in the skill capes and this was evident by the comments of a post. There were some who thought the capes looked excellent but a few were thinking that some felt a bit similar to the Thieving Cape already in Runescape.

Nonetheless, the capes are still going to be another point of focus for players since it is new content. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a design with a lurking skull visible? One thing is for certain, when the Necromancy skill arrives players are going to have a lot to complete.

Runescape Necromancy Release Date

Necromancy doesn’t have a concrete release date as of yet but “later this year” has been stated by the developers as to when the Necromancy skill will launch. We would think it to be likely that the release of the Necromancy skill will be sometime between September and November since those are around the Halloween seasonal time.

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No matter when the Necromancy skill releases, we know that many players will be rushing back to the two-decade-old game to give it a shot. It is a testament to how timeless Runescape really is for fans and we are looking forward to getting even more information about the Necromancy skill in the future.

- This article was updated on May 30th, 2023

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