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Smite’s Path To The Phantom Queen Event Is Now Live

by Joel Santana


As previously reported earlier during the month where Smite’s first big in-game event “Path Of The Phantom Queen”was revealed during the 2017 Hi-Rez Expo to celebrate the upcoming releasing for the Celtic pantheon, is now live.

For those out of the loop, or just picked up Smite for the very time and are confused what the event is all about. It’s very simple. As the Path To Phantom Queen is pretty much just a giant board game where you complete simple quest such as “win x amount of games” to progress forward to unlock new items such as the Tier 3 skin for The Morrigan, the latest god added to the game and the first for the Celtic pantheon.

However, Hi-Rez Studio did throw a few curve balls into the event to make getting some items such as the cutesy The Morrigan avatar a bit more complicated to get. Due to some pieces of the board being filled with traps or forcing you to go back a few pieces.

Aside from the board game, Hi-Rez also added new skins to the game such as new skins for both Artemis and Terra as well as new customization items which includes Celtic themed pedestals, loading frames and more.

Though unlike the items that are tied to the board game like the Tier 3 The Morrigan skin, the customization items and both the Artemis/Terra skins are acquired instantly once you buy into the event for 1,000 gems. But, for those who are Twitch Prime member can unlock the event instantly by claiming your code on Twitch.

As for whats in store for Smite in the near future, according to HiRezAjax the lead designer for Smite has revealed during an interview with PCGamesn that we can expect the next god to be a Japanese Guardian to fill out the rolls for the Japanese pantheon followed by another Celtic god. HiRezAjax has also revealed that they will revisit the Hindu pantheon in a big way this year and release multiple gods for them throughout the year.

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