Splitgate’s Beta Remains Open Indefinitely After 10 Million Downloads

Splitgate's beta surpassed everyone's expectations even the dev's

by Carlos Hurtado

Splitgate’s beta took the world by storm with its Portal meets Halo approach in this Battle Royale-Tactical Shooter-filled market.

The free-to-play title went from having something around 400 concurrent players to more than 175,000 in a matter of weeks after opening its beta, the incredible support and interest shown by the community has been overwhelming.

Ian Proulx, CEO, and co-founder of 1047 Games has been overwhelmed by the community’s response to their game, saying that This has been the most surreal time of his life.

The sudden success and rapid growth of their game came with its fair share of problems, but the studio is focused on providing the best experience possible expanding their open beta working on their server capacity, improving queue times, and reducing servers crashes.

This is a welcomed solution given the fact that players were subject to extremely long waiting times in between matches no matter the platform, the developers took down the servers for several hours while they were working on improving said issues, shortly after getting them up again a ranked 2v2 game mode was added, minor bug fixes and even server capacity improvements.

On August 13th the community was part of a $10,000 USD tournament showing the title’s esport capability.

The game has gathered around 10 million downloads in the first 30 days of its open beta, even the Content Creator Community has been showing some love to the game, uploading gameplay highlights, guides, tips and tricks, and helpful feedback.

Besides the server capacity improvements, the developers are going to be adding more features and improvements, looking to improve the betas state and the game’s reception when it launches.

The beta battle pass is going to end on August 24 but there is going to be a big Splitgate announcement on Gamescom.

Splitgate‘s future looks promising and we hope to get some great news on Gamescom next week. I hope you have fun playing in the open beta, if you’re still having issues getting into a match you might want to check the game’s server status to see if everything is up and running.

Splitgate’s beta is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.