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Square Enix Has Plans For Final Fantasy XV Through 2019

Four downloadable content Episodes and updates for Final Fantasy XV are slated for the this year and next.

by Jelani James


Remember during Tokyo Game Show last year when Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata revealed that he intends to continue release more content for FFXV throughout 2018? Well, Square Enix just revealed those plans and it turns out those plans extend through 2019 as well.

In fact, practically every single aspect of Final Fantasy XV will see some sort of update or addition by the time 2020 comes around.

Here is the full schedule:


To start, Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer expansion, Comrades, will see three updates (technically two) before Spring 2019. It will be released as a stand-alone game this Summer and within the same time frame, it will also receive an update that will add new bosses, raid bosses, and battle challenges to the existing multiplayer. Raids will have players square off against a single boss, while they’ll have to confront multiple bosses at the same time in battle challenges. Details about the second update coming in Winter 2018 weren’t revealed.

On the single-player side of things, players will soon be able to create a custom avatar like in Comrades and have him or her replace Noctis during the course of the game. Furthermore, you will be able to other players’ custom avatars as ghosts in the game.

In addition, everyone will receive a treasure box every day which can be hidden anywhere in the world they like. Players can then participate in a community-wide treasure hunt where they’ll search for said box and its contents will increase in value the longer it remains hidden.

Mod tools are also slated to come in Spring 2018 where players will be able to create things such as the Gordon Freeman and Sims-inspired costumes featured in the Steam and Origin versions of the game, respectively. From the looks of things, however, this feature will be exclusive to the Steam Workshop.

Similarly, there will be a Level Editor for the PC version of FFXV where players can create anything from new dungeons to extra mini-games.

Lastly, 2019 will herald the arrival of four new DLC episodes. The concept for each episode is to realize “a future everyone longed for,” where players get to see new endings for each of the episode’s main characters. Do note, however, that none of these are canon.


Here is an overview of each upcoming episode:

  • Episode I: Ardyn “The Conflict of the Sage” (Working Title) (Winter 2019) – This story portrays the struggles of Ardyn. Witness the resentment he harbored towards Lucis for over 2,000 years, and his clashes with the Astrals.
  • Episode Side Story: Aranea “The Beginning of the End” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – A side-story about the Starscourge depicted from the Niflheim’s perspective. The final day of the Empire turns out to be Aranea’s worst day.
  • Episode II: Lunafreya “The Choice of Freedom” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – This story’s about Luna’s fate, which not even death can free her from. Her battle to save the one she loves overturns the destiny dealt to the Lucian King.
  • Episode III: Noctis “The Final Strike” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – Parting ways with the Astrals, Noctis embarks upon his final battle in order to attain the ideal future for all his people.

To accompany this second season of DLC, a brand new theme song is being composed by Final Fantasy XV composer Yoko Shimomura.

Finally, a collaboration with Shadow of the Tomb Raider has also been announced but information wasn’t shared at the panel.

From this set of announcements, it’s clear that Final Fantasy XV will be here for an even longer period of time than initially expected. It also means that we probably shouldn’t expect a new numbered Final Fantasy for quite some time. And considering that I already vowed to not play FFXV until all the DLC is out, it looks like I shouldn’t expect to play this game for quite some time either.

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