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Stonehearth Alpha 10 Released

by William Schwartz


Radiant Entertainment has recently released a brand new build, Alpha 10, of their lovable voxel based title Stonehearth.

Alpha 10 is now officially out after the release of a couple of test builds over the past few weeks. Although new features are added it is the official implementation of multi-story buildings which many fans are pleased with. Before players would have to use building bugs within the game to pull off, sometimes awesome, structures with multiple stories.

The game world now seems more believable with the inclusion of water! Currently it forms lakes and can be used to create moats. In future releases rivers will naturally form during world generation, villagers will be able to swim and water will even become a resource.

Players now have additional threats to defend against. Goblin camps now have cages wolves which will turn against players if not freed and the undead now occasionally spawn and wander around the map at night. Buffs and armor have also been added to the Goblin boss; making it slightly more of a challenge for players to take him out.

Gamers who play Stonehearth on Steam will find that the game should automatically update. Those who play on the DRM free version will need to download the new build from the Humble Bundle page.

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