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Street Fighter 5 not in development, says Ono

by William Schwartz


Did EVO 2013 get you all excited about the possibility of Street Fighter 5? Well appears that it’s not even being worked on at this point at Capcom. Despite a great opportunity to launch on next generation consoles with a new fighter from Yoshinori Ono, fans are going to have to be content with Ultra Street Fighter 4 for now.

Ono recently explained to fans via Twitter that Street Fighter 5 isn’t in development because theirs no money to make the game. Ono claims “I don’t have the R&D Budget and staff” for Street Fighter 5. So it doesn’t appear that there will be any surprise Street Fighter 5 announcements any time soon.

It’s likely a massive undertaking for Capcom, who’ve seemed content to stretch out their games with stand alone expansions over the past few years. Dead Rising, Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom and Dragon’s Dogma have all seen the release of stand alone expansion in lieu of full fledged sequels.

Given Ono’s comments, there’s no telling if or when we’ll see Street Fighter 5 for the next generation. All is not lost though for fans of the fighter. Another expansion was recently announced over the weekend, that’ll see some new characters and gameplay tweaks as both a DLC and standalone expansion with Ultra Street Fighter 4.

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