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Super Bomberman R’s 1.4 update let’s you play as classic Konami characters

by Lewis White


Super Bomberman R may have been a mixed bag of sorts when it launched alongside the incredibly popular Nintendo Switch, but that hasn’t stopped Konami from doing a very un-Konami move of supporting the title with a myriad of free DLC and updates. The latest update, Version 1.4, not only includes a handful of new maps and Team Battle mode options, but also the ability to play as three characters from classic Konami titles.

Silent Hill’s frightening Pyramid Head, the fearless Simon Bellmont from Castlevania and Vic Viper Bomber from Gradius are all available for players to pick up from the in-game shop. All of these characters have unique abilities such as Vic being able to boost around the map, Simon having the ability to move bombs or stun enemies, and Pyramid Head gets to do what he does best: murder people. It’s actually really frightening.

Alongside these new characters, four new maps are now available for players to destroy with explosives in Versus mode. Classic Conveyor Belt, Panic Factory, Plain Floor and Desert Fort are all available to blow yourselves and your friends up on. In case you were wondering, Konami have also altered how Gems are earned and the game now rewards you with gems for playing in Versus mode as well. You know, the mode people actually play.

With some basic bug fixes and two new accessory lines–Item and Snowflake–Super Bomberman R is actually turning out to be a decently updated and well-maintained game from Konami. Huh, who would’ve thought?

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