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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Supports Gamecube Controllers and Amiibo

Fans can use their favorite controller with the latest Smash title.

by Kyle Hanson


While controller technology has advanced a lot over the last few years, fans of the Super Smash Bros. series still yearn for the feel of the Gamecube controller. New versions of which, along with a USB adapter were released for Wii U when the series arrived there, and it looks like fans won’t have to update their gameplay style for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. The latest game in the series will support Gamecube controllers, as well as all the previously released amiibo that fans have surely collected.

The announcement came after the epic reveal that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would include every previous character from the series. The roster will be massive, and it’s good news that fans will be able to control their favorite character with their preferred controller. The Gamecube controller simply works perfectly with the Smash series, with its button and analog stick layout fitting the series’ gameplay.

Firm details weren’t quite revealed about how fans can use the Gamecube controllers, but presumably they can pull out their old USB adapter for Wii U and plug it into the Switch dock’s USB port. If that is not the case then we’ll be seeing new releases for Switch, which we can only hope has better stock than the Wii U adapter, which sold out very quickly.

Update:  It has been confirmed that the GameCube controller will use the adapter for the Wii U.

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