Attack of the Fanboy

The Church of Hanzo is officially registered in Brazil making it a sin to call someone a “Hanzo Main”

by Lewis White


In one of the most bizarre events in the gaming sphere this week, Brazilian Overwatch fan Matthew Mognon has officially announced the registration of The Church of Hanzo. As per the rules of this new religion, it is taboo for any follower to refer to another as a “Hanzo main” or for anyone to rage quit from an online match.

Mognon, who is also a writer for Brazilian gaming website Adrenaline, opened the religion to prove how easy it is for Brazilian citizens to register a new religion in the country, no matter how outlandish. Since 2010, nearly 68,000 entities have been registered as religious organizations, and now the lovable “murderous archer of Overwatch” has joined the mix. In fact, opening a church is so easy in Brazil that it’s easier than starting a private company.

All that’s needed to open a church is a fixed address with proof of residency, five members, a signature from a lawyer, a written statute and someone to register your name. Then you can request tax immunity from the government. It’s that easy. I think I’m gonna move to Brazil now.

The Church of Hanzo also boasts one of the more enjoyable forms of baptism; to be baptized in the Church of Hanzo all a player needs to do is play through the entirety of an Overwatch match. The Church is forgiving (as Hanzo is a just God) and if players do not have the money for Blizzard’s game, they may be baptized through the free-to-play game Paladins: Champions of the Realm instead.

The full article over on Adrenaline covers a lot more than here, including the full run down of the religion’s rules. Out of everything however, my favorite part has to be this one beautifully poetic line: “Hanzo is my shepherd and arrows will not fail me!” I think I might cry.

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