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The Medium Share 9 Uncanny Facts Video

With The Medium's release just around the corner the developers have shared some interesting facts

by Tasha Quinn


Set to release on Xbox Series X/S and PC, the wait for Bloober Team’s The Medium is almost over and we’re all pretty excited. Thanks to the dual reality aspect of The Medium’s gameplay – something that was harder to achieve on the previous generation of consoles – it’s looking like we’ll get another glimpse at just how powerful the new generation of consoles really is. It’s a shame that the game won’t be available for those who haven’t yet made the leap to the new generation of consoles but with The Medium, it’s more than just graphical improvements and overall quality of life – it’s an integral part of the gameplay that the previous consoles just aren’t powerful enough to do it justice.

The Medium is a third-person psychological horror that puts players in the shoes of Marianne, a Medium with a variety of different psychic powers that allow her to explore both the spirit and physical world individually and at times, simultaneously as she seeks to solve a dark mystery.

Today, in the run-up to The Medium’s release date, Bloober Team have released a brand new video which shares 9 uncanny facts about the development of the game.

9 uncanny facts

If you don’t want to watch the video above, we’ve got you covered with this brief rundown of the 9 uncanny facts shared by the developer.

  1. The core idea of the game started back in 2012 and it was originally planned to release on the Wii u, xbox 360 and PS3
  2. Protagonist Marianne and a “nameless man that’s bent on revenge” are based on polish actors Weronika Rosati and Marcin Dorocinski
  3. The game features music from Akira Yamaoka with vocals from Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and voice acting from Troy Baker – all of whom were involved in the Silent Hill games
  4. The abandoned hotel in which the game takes placed is based on a real hotel though the name has been changed
  5. Marianne’s home is modelled on a real apartment building in Poland
  6. All cutscenes were mocked out by the lead developers and used as reference for the motion capture team
  7. You can check Marianne’s spirit energy by looking at her arm which is an attempt to minimise the game’s UI for increased immersion
  8. The game takes place in an abandoned communist resort and features references and objects related to that era
  9. The game is full of Easter Eggs

The Medium is set to release on January 28 for the Xbox Series of consoles and PC.

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