The Sims 4 Gets Unexpected Base Game Update with New In-Game Content

by Kara Phillips

The Sims 4 has always had an incredibly active fanbase, so when the title went free-to-play for every player in October 2022, it was no surprise that the Sims community jumped in numbers. However, despite the game’s popularity, very little has changed since its launch. Given how many stuff packs and expansions are readily available for players to purchase, it’s rare for the base game to receive a free content update as most of it is bundled into a secondary transaction and labeled a stuff pack. But, following the Behind the Sims Community stream on January 31, the base game has received a completely unexpected content update, including several new items free of charge.

An array of new ‘Medical Wearables’ have been introduced to Create-a-Sim, including things like top surgery scars, Glucose Monitors, and Binders, for players to apply to Sims of all ages and all walks of life. Alongside the excitement brewing for a base game update, players are praising the steps The Sims are taking to make the title as accessible and audience-friendly as possible for every player, causing a tremendous amount of excitement for the future of the franchise, especially Project Rene.

Alongside the array of new Medical Wearables, EA was excited to emphasize that Light Switches have also been introduced to the game, so any avid builders will now be able to decorate their homes from ceiling to floor without missing any integral factors, even something as simple as a light switch. Although this small addition feels nowhere near as ground-breaking as the new personalization features, they are still worthwhile for well-seasoned players patiently waiting for something so simple.

Furthermore, the update also targets several bug fixes, like Toddlers getting into the bath with slippers on and notification changes to stop things from constantly showing as new, which is a welcome addition to the base game, albeit slightly less exciting as new content. Full patch notes also detail any bug fixes for Expansion Packs, alongside console accessibility through controls and build mode improvements. The future of The Sims 4 is incredibly bright should content updates continue to roll out across the year, and are creating a lot of excitement for what Project Rene and the next addition to The Sims franchise could have in-store.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023