The 12 Best Sims 4 Expansion Packs: Which Expansion Packs Are Actually Worth It?

These expansion packs will add amazing content to your sims' lives!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Expansion Packs are different from other paid DLC, like Kits, as they expand The Sims 4 instead of just adding smaller content. Since they are expensive, we have provided the 12 best Sims 4 Expansion Packs that are worth the purchase. The expansion packs on this list add new worlds for your sims to live in, let you experience the game in a whole new way, and provide additional content which will breathe new life into your game.

Which Sims 4 Expansion Packs Are Worth It?

There are currently 12 expansion packs available for purchase, and we have provided you with a ranking list for them based on their value and unique experiences in your sims’ lives.

12. Discover University


Your sims can now enroll in the University of Britechester or the Foxbury Institute, where they will have the full college experience. They can live in dorms, off-campus, conduct study sessions at the library, or even socialize at the student commons. Will your sim become an A student or a slacker who enjoys the party life?

Key Items

  • New Jobs: Teaching, Law, and Engineering
  • New Decor: Cozy dorm room decor and fun outfits that are useful outside the college.

11. City Living 

Your sims can now explore the big city of San Myshuno. There are a ton of fun neighborhoods that bring a unique gameplay experience. Examples include an Arts Quarter, Fashion District, Spice Market, and Uptown.

Key Items

  • New Careers: Your sim can become a Politician, Food or Art Critic, or a Social Media star.
  • New Environment: San Myshuno has a ton to offer, like festivals, apartments, new relationship building, and much more.

10. High School Years


Experience high school again as your Sim navigates through iconic teen moments like social interactions, puberty, and fun after school activities. This pack differs from previous Sims entries as you can control your Sim inside the school buildings.

Key Items

  • New Jobs: Your Sim can become a Simfluencer or video game streamer as a part-time job.
  • New Skill: Your Sim can become skilled in Entrepreneurship which will help you become better at freelance jobs later in life.

9. Snowy Escape


Visit the Japanese-inspired world of Mt. Komorebi, where your sims can embrace their outdoor life by participating in snow sports. Both rental and residential lots fit your Sims’ needs.

Key Items

  • New Game Mechanic: The new Lifestyles mechanic allows your sims to develop an even deeper personality based on their behaviors in-game. Lifestyle traits will benefit your sims when they participate in specific activities that match their lifestyle.
  • New Skills: Your Sim can now participate in mountain sports like hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and sledding.

8. Eco Lifestyle


Work with your neighbors to care for the different worlds in The Sims 4. You can make community action plans, reuse items, and become a civil engineer in your quest to save the world.

Key Items

  • New Game Mechanic: The Eco Footprint game mechanic allows ecological changes in most worlds. The cleaner the world is, the more nature will thrive.
  • New Lot Traits: These lots traits will help you in your journey to keep the Sims’ world as healthy as possible.

7. Get Famous


Your sims can become famous and live a lavish lifestyle that would make most celebrities jealous. This is the first content release to focus on the celebrity lifestyle since The Sims: Superstar was released almost 20 years ago.

Key Items

  • New Game Mechanics: This expansion pack adds the Fame and Reputation mechanics, which will determine your Sim’s popularity in their careers.
  • New Career: The acting career is one of the highlights of this expansion pack. Get your start by joining an agency, auditioning for a gig, and then watching your sims go through every step of the movie-making process.

6. Island Living


Your sims will live in paradise when they visit the world of Sulani, which is broken into three different islands. Explore the islands using watercraft, meet mermaids, and enjoy a BBQ pit with other residents.

Key Items

  • New World: The world of Sulani is the of the best additions to the Sims 4 out of any other expansion packs.
  • New Sim Type: Mermaids can influence the moods of other Sims by singing songs, and they can summon a unique dolphin.

5. Get To Work


If you love the Sims career aspect, you will want this expansion. The Get to Work expansion adds new careers. A new feature called active careers and new skills add depth to your Sims’ careers.

Key Items

  • New Feature: Get To Work added a new feature called Active Careers, which allows you to follow your Sim to work and experience a day in the life of your career. Doctors, detectives, and scientists are the only careers affected by this feature.
  • New Sim Type: This expansion also includes the Alien sim type. You can interact with an alien in your world, visit their world, or even create an alien in the create a sim menu.

4. Cottage Living


Cottage Living adds features from favorite games like Stardew Valley and Animal crossing by allowing you to live off the land or in a small village. In addition, you can now farm, and there are a wide variety of farm animals to take care of, like chickens, llamas, and cows.

Key Items

  • New Animals: Live animals and livestock now live in your world. Live animals like rabbits, foxes, and birds will roam your world, giving it more life. In addition, livestock can be raised to produce food for your Sim and its family.
  • New Skill: Your sims can now learn the Cross-stitching skill allowing them to make fun items that can be used, given, or sold. This skill pairs nicely with the Nifty Knitting stuff pack, as the knitting skills affect the speed at which your sims will learn cross-stitching.

3. Get Together


The Get Together expansion pack is perfect for those social butterfly sims. New features like Clubs add to the social interactions your sims can do. In addition, fun activities like dancing and DJ mixing will make your Sim, the life of the party.

Key Items

  • New Feature: Get Together adds a new feature called Clubs, which allows up to eight sims to join in a fun activity together. This works similarly to the Outings feature in previous entries.
  • New World: Windenburg is an entertaining, European-inspired world specializing in fun activities for your sims to do together.

2. Cat & Dogs


Finally! Our sims can have cats and dogs as pets. This expansion pack not only allows your sims to own pets but it allows you to design them using a powerful tool called create a pet. This tool allows you to customize your pet and create unique breeds until you create the perfect pet for your sims.

Key Items

  • New Animals: You can create your pet and take care of them through three stages of their lives: young, adult, and elder.
  • New Feature: The Vet Clinic serves a dual purpose as a place to take your pet for care, and it can be owned by one of your sims as a business.

1. Seasons


Seasons is the most loved expansion pack by players. This expansion pack includes seasons, weather conditions, holidays, and a revamped calendar. In addition, this pack adds flavors to worlds provided by the other expansion packs on this list.

Key Items

  • New Feature: Your worlds will now experience different climates, each with its weather cycles. Weather conditions can directly influence your sims’ choices, moods, interactions with the world, and other sims.
  • New Feature: Your sims can now celebrate yearly Holidays that are fully customizable. Creating new traditions for your sims to celebrate adds to their lives and generations.

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The Sims 4 is available on PC via the EA app or Origin, Mac via Origin, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 27th, 2023