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Titanfall 2 Open Beta Dates Officially Announced

by Kyle Hanson


After much teasing and rumors the Titanfall 2 open beta dates have been officially announced. The technical test will stretch across two separate weekends, with a break in the middle. The dates are August 19-21 and August 26-28 for PS4 and Xbox One.

The two weekend setup has also allowed Respawn to break up the content that players can try out during the beta. One the first weekend players can play two different gamemodes on two unique maps. “Bounty Hunt (5v5): A brand new mode that pits Pilots and their teammates against an opposing team as well as the Remnant Fleet. Earn bonuses by killing grunts and enemies, but make sure and deposit all your points at the bank between waves without getting killed. Pilots vs. Pilots (8v8): Players can be the best Pilot on the Frontier and put their combat and mobility skills to the ultimate test in this classic 8 vs 8 Pilots only mode.”

The maps are Boomtown and Homestead. Boomtown is described as a secret underground facility full of peaked roofs and tight lanes for players to use for cover and navigation. Homestead is more natrualistic, featuring an outdoor environment based around a more rural setting.

The second weekend will keep all of this content, but add a bit of its own. The new gamemode is “Amped Hardpoint (6v6): A new twist on Hardpoint Domination from the original game; now defending a Hardpoint will let you amp it, giving your team double score. Team work is the key to securing victory.” and the new map will be Forward Base Kodai, a base setup inside of a massive main building.

Players in the Titanfall 2 open beta will also be able to try out the two new Titans that we discussed in our E3 coverage. Check this article out for more info on them ahead of the launch of this technical test.

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