V Rising PSA: Save Your Silver Coins for Later in the Game

It only hurts for a while.

by Diego Perez


If you’ve been playing V Rising and have stumbled upon some Silver Coins, make sure to hang onto them in your stash instead of getting rid of them to free up some inventory space. Holding onto these items doesn’t seem like a great idea at first considering vampires have a natural weakness to silver, but once you get your silver resistance up, Silver Coins will become a valuable commodity.

V Rising is the latest survival game to blow up on Steam, placing a vampiric twist on the traditional resource management tropes and throwing in some action-packed isometric combat for good measure. The game has countless resources to gather and crafting recipes to unlock, and not everything is explained as well as it could be.

Some players are stumped figuring out how to acquire certain items like Unsullied Hearts, some bosses can be hard to find, and some items don’t initially seem as useful as they really are. Silver Coins are one such item, and V Rising players should stockpile these as early as possible to make things easier later in the game.

What Are Silver Coins Used for in V Rising?

Silver Coins are used for exactly what you think. They can be used to trade and purchase items from merchants. However, when you find your first bunch of them as a fledgling vampire, you will take damage by holding them. This leads most players to abandon the currency, but it’s best to hang onto the coins until you can increase your silver resistance and actually get some use out of them.


If you find some Silver Coins and don’t have any silver resistance built up, place them in your stash for safe keeping. Then, you can pick them up later when you need to make a purchase. Remember that the more silver you hold, the stronger your silver resistance will need to be, so any spending sprees will require some preparation ahead of time.

Once you have some money, you can trade with merchants as long as you have unlocked the Human Form ability. Much like the Wolf Form ability, this ability allows you to disguise yourself as a normal human so you can do business without scaring people. You know, because of the whole vampire thing you’ve got going on.

How to Increase Silver Resistance

As you progress further in the game, you’ll find different ways to counter silver damage and increase your silver resistance. Defeating the level 60 boss Raziel the Shepard will unlock the Silver Resistance Potion recipe, which can be consumed to buff your silver resistance for a limited time. Some gear also has silver resistance built-in, so just keep an eye out for new crafting recipes when they become available.

Dealing with merchants and spending Silver Coins isn’t something that you’ll be able to do until the late game of V Rising, so don’t expect to be able to make any purchases as a fledgling vampire if you happen to stumble upon some money. Until then, you’re on your own when it comes to gathering items like Iron and Stone Bricks.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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