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Watch the Fourth and Final Character Trailer of Danganronpa V3

by Jose Belmonte


NIS America has release the fourth and final Ultimate Roll Call trailer of Danganronpa V3, completing the presentation of each of the new characters that will take part in the new killing game. Among the last group of Ultimates presented we find a pianist, an inventor, a cult leader, and someone who doesn’t remember his ultimate talent. Additionally, we also get some information on the latest two Mono Kubs.

The first character we get to meet is actually the protagonist of the game, Kaede Akamatsu, a.k.a. the Ultimate Pianist. She has the same positive attitude from a previous hero in the series, and resents Monokuma for forcing all the students to marticipate in his macabre plan.

Rantaro Amani is one of the most mysterious characters in the game…even for himself, as he is the only student who doesn’t remember what is his ultimate talent. He is the only member of the group who stays calm when Monokuma reveals his plan, which in turn makes him look like he knows more than he says.

Miu Iruma holds the title of the Ultimate Inventor, even though she prefers much more the leisure life instead of doing any actual work. She is also by far the most foul-mouthed student, with an endless catalogue of dirty jokes ready to spill at any time.

The last student is Kokichi Oma who is supposedly the Ultimate Supreme Leader, head of a secret organization of more than 10,000 people…or at least that’s what he claims, as there is no proof of that. To make things worse, Kokichi is a chronic liar who will constanly try to confuse his classmates. Definitely expect the plot to get much more complicated every time he appears.

Finally, the last two Mono Kubs presented are Monotaro and Monokid. The first one is the childish leader of the group, while the latter is the most violent of the siblings, always derailing the conversation and bulling his brother Monodam.

If you wish to revisit the other characters, watch the first, second, and third Ultimate Roll Call trailers. And remember to download the demo from the PS Store.

Danganronpa V3 launches on PS4, PSVita and PC on September 26. Watch the new trailer below.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Ultimate Roll Call #4 (PS4, PS Vita)


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