Attack of the Fanboy

We Haven’t Seen the Last of Cuphead

by Dylan Siegler


Earlier this year, indie developer Studio MDHR released a side-scrolling, action platformer with graphics that harken back to 1930s cartoons. This game was called Cuphead and came out to critical acclaim across the boards, even despite its immense difficulty, as well as a glitch that deleted save files. Just as with any popular game, fans have to ask if there is another game in the franchise planned for the future, and the developers have to ask if they can and are willing to make one. Even though the original game came out not even two months ago, it looks like we may already have our answer.

In a recent interview with IGN, Studio MDHR founders Chad and Jared Moldenhauer were asked if Cuphead would just be a one-off. To this, the Moldenhauer brothers responded that it is “guaranteed you’ll see Cuphead at some point.” Well, there you have it. Cuphead will return at some point in some way. However, Jared goes on to explain, “But as far as what are our plans, what are we distinctly doing next, there’s been zero time to really breathe or think.” So it is unknown if the game will have a proper sequel or if we’ll just be seeing the character again in a different capacity. But one thing is for certain: We haven’t seen the last of Cuphead.

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