What Episode Does Luffy Learn Haki in One Piece? Answered

When did Luffy gain access to Haki?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Since the beginning of the One Piece anime, the protagonist of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, has learned many different battle techniques.

One of the most interesting and powerful is the use of Haki, the vital force inside each fighter. Despite being a later addition to the series, the concept of Haki has become a staple, with almost every powerful character being able to access it in one way or another.

Still, the introduction of the concept in the anime can be confusing, as many fans find it difficult to pinpoint the moment in which Luffy learned this ability. Below, you can find what episode Luffy learned about Haki in One Piece.

Beware of spoilers below for One Piece.

The Episode When Luffy Learns Haki in One Piece

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Luffy is introduced to the concept of Haki during One Piece Episode 516. During this episode, Rayleigh explains to Luffy what Haki is and shows him the three types of Haki that exist. Sadly, we were not able to see the exact moment in which Luffy mastered the ability. His training with Rayleigh has been shown mostly as flashbacks during different arcs.

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Still, this is not the first time that Luffy used this skill in the series. Luffy was first able to access it during episode 389 to stop a raging bull from running over him. At the time, the young pirate was not aware of what this ability was called.

How Does Haki Work?


Haki is an enigmatic ability that allows its user to manipulate their spiritual energy for various purposes. While all humans are capable of accessing this energy, not all are aware of its existence and most never train enough to unlock it. According to Rayleigh, it is common to see Haki users in the New World, but they are extremely rare in other parts of the world.

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Since its introduction, Haki has been utilized in almost all important battles in the series. Luffy makes constant use of this ability, learning more about its applications as he grows. It is likely that we still have much to learn about Haki, as it is still a mystery even for those who know how to use it.

What Types of Haki Exist?

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Haki can be divided into three different sub-types, each granting its user unique abilities. The first and most common one is known as Armament Haki. This type covers its users’ bodies in Haki, which acts like a suit of armor.

The second is known as Observation Haki, often referred to as a sixth sense. Those who can access it can perceive things that are invisible to the naked eye and even see into the future.

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The last type of Haki is known as Conqueror Haki. This is the rarest type of Haki and cannot be unlocked by training. Only one in one million people is born with this ability. Conqueror Haki can be used to either augment the physical capabilities of its users or to intimidate opponents to the point of fainting. Luffy is one of only a few characters who can access all three types of Haki.

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