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XCOM 2 Shen’s Last Gift DLC Revealed; Available Now on PC

by Kyle Hanson


XCOM 2 was a fantastic game, and its heavy emphasis on mods has kept a steady stream of new content flowing. The actual DLC has been a bit lackluster so far, but fans have still enjoyed every bit of new content offered to them. Now those fans are in for a huge treat as XCOM 2 gets is biggest and best DLC yet with XCOM 2 Shen’s Last Gift, and you can check out our review already.

Firaxis has saved the best for last with the Shen’s Last Gift DLC

This new DLC has just been fully revealed by 2K and Firaxis, with a trailer that you can check out below. The big change for this DLC when compared to the others contained in the Reinfrocement Pack is that here you actually get some story content.

A brand new mission is being added to the game that centers around the Shen family. Longtime fans will know Raymond Shen as the engineer from XCOM Enemy Uknown and Enemy Within. More recent converts should be familiar with his daughter, Lily Shen, who manages the tech onboard your ship.

The mission in Shen’s Last Gift actually puts Lily right on the frontlines, with her commanding an operation into a mysterious facility. The reward for completing this mission is the other big addition from this DLC. Spark-001 will be added as a buildable unit for your squads. These new mech units are tough and have many benefits over flesh and blood soldiers. Of course, they also have some drawbacks, so you’ll want to mess around with them to see what works best for your crew.

According to our review, “Firaxis has saved the best for last with the Shen’s Last Gift DLC. A narrative-driven mission that culminates with adding a brand new mechanized squad member to your XCOM team is far more than anything we’ve seen from previous DLC releases.”

XCOM 2 Shen’s Last Gift DLC is releasing today, so check your game for the update very soon. This is the final piece of DLC for XCOM 2 as part of the Reinforcement Pack.

XCOM 2 Shen’s Last Gift Reveal Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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