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You’ll Still Play As Link In Breath Of The Wild’s The Champion’s Ballad DLC

by Jelani James


The Legend of Zelda producer and manager Eiji Aonuma spoke at Japan Expo in Paris recently, revealing some new information about The Breath of the Wild’s next DLC, The Champion’s Ballad, which is slated to arrive toward the end of the year.

Likely the biggest piece of information he revealed was that Link will still be the playable character in The Champion’s Ballad. Prior to this announcement, it fans had speculated that Zelda or even the game’s four champions would be the ones that players would be able to control. However, this announcement has effectively nixed such expectations rather quickly. However, those who are particularly interested in Zelda will be happy to know that Aonuma did reveal that she will be an important figure in the DLC, and it will spend a good portion of its time letting players learn more about her.

In addition, Aonuma revealed how The Champion’s Ballad stands chronologically. The DLC will apparently take place after the events of the main game, possibly giving meaning to that odd cutscene that’s only shown at the end of the game if players had collected all the memories scattered across Hyrule.

There wasn’t much else in regards to content or gameplay in his announcement, except…

Yes, that’s right, the lobster shirt from The Wind Waker will be also appear in the next DLC Pack.

All of this stuff is a bit off in the future, however, with The Champion’s Ballad having a holiday 2017 release window. In the meantime, fans will definitely be keeping themselves occupied with the more recent The Master Trials which launched last week.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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