Attack of the Fanboy

AOTF Podcast #12

by William Schwartz


This Week on the AOTF Podcast, Kyle, William and Anthony talk about a plethora of video game news and give their opinions on games that they’ve been playing recently. Here’s what you’ll find on AOTF Podcast #12:

This Week’s News Topics

Xbox One Controller to be unveiled at E3?

Sony’s “Sparse” First Party Line-up

PlayStation Plus vs. Games with Gold in June

Darksiders 2 PS4 Listing 

Amiibogeddon is coming

What we’ve been playing:


Splatoon (4.5/5) 

Don’t Starve Wii U (3.5/5)

Game of Thrones Episode 4 (4/5)


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (4.5/5)

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