Hurricane Preparation and Xbox One Non-Competition: AOTF Podcast #43

by Kyle Hanson


This is Kyle Hanson, reporting live from within the eye of Hurricane Matthew…well, not yet anyway. Actually I should be well out of its path over here on the west coast of Florida, but the impending wall of water, wind, and pure hatred of mankind has impacted me in other ways, with my house becoming a temporary shelter for friends and family. Still, I can’t let a little thing like that deter me from discussing this week’s gaming news with Will, now can I?

As we head toward the holiday season, things are starting to heat up in the gaming world. Big releases are set to arrive almost every week starting this month. We got to try out Paper Mario: Color Splash and Gears of War 4, two very different games, but both quite enjoyable. I am also still hooked on Pokemon Go, despite Niantic constantly trying to make me hate the game. In fact, as of this recording I was one Pokemon away from a complete US Pokedex, and since then I have gotten him. 142 down, 8 to go, whenever Niantic decides to release them, and switch up the regional exclusives.

In the news we had a major backtrack on Fallout 4 PS4 mods, with Bethesda announcing that they would be coming to the console after all. This also includes the upcoming Skyrim Remastered release. Along with this was the announcement of 4K support, which was great for Will to hear, as he’s been in a 4K PC gaming hole ever since he bought an NVIDIA GTX 1080.

PSVR hit the hands of some media, and while Will and I are awaiting our preorders we read the rather scathing reviews. We’ve both had good experiences with the headset, but those have always been under very controlled conditions. It appears that journalists’ homes and offices are not quite as friendly.

Have you been wondering where GTA 6 is, and why it hasn’t been announced? Wonder no more, as you realize the power of GTA 5 and the hundreds of millions of dollars it generated over the last year. We also dive back into the console wars with Phil Spencer’s comments about exactly who the Xbox One is competing with, and their overall strategy. And of course, with a new month comes the monthly PS Plus vs Xbox Live Games with Gold matchup, which PlayStation won without breaking a sweat.

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- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2018

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