Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Weapons Discovered

by William Schwartz


Dragon’s Teeth is the next round of downloadable content for Battlefield 4, slated for release sometime this summer. Dragon’s Teeth will feature a number of new weapon, vehicles, and maps to play on. While DICE hasn’t announced what to expect in Dragon’s Teeth just yet, a recent update to the PC Client has discovered a number of weapons that might be in the upcoming expansion.

A new post on the Symthic Forums suggests that there are two vehicles that “seem to be” controlled via PDA. The rumor suggests that Dragon’s Teeth could feature an EOD with guns. Found in the PC update files, the Ballistic Shield could also make an appearance in the content.

Some other weapons discovered in the files are the Desert Eagle Handgun, CS5 Sniper Rifle, SIG MPX SMG, and a Bulldog Assault Rifle.

There’s really no telling if these files discovered in the PC update will ultimately carry over to the Dragon’s Teeth expansion. With the release date coming up for the DLC, we’ll likely start hearing more about Dragon’s Teeth from DICE in the coming weeks. E3 will likely be a spot where the new content is revealed officially, it’s following a similar timeline to the DLC of Battlefield 3.

Update: Images of the new weapons have been leaked, and can be seen here.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2018

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