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Rumor: Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC to be Locked at 30 FPS, Too

| October 14, 2014

Rumor: Assassin's Creed Unity on PC to be Locked at 30 FPS, Too Rumors  Ubisoft Assassins Creed

Assassin’s Creed Unity didn’t garner much positive attention when Ubisoft announced that the new gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, would both be running the game at 900p/30fps. The decision was made to achieve platform parity and avoid the resolutiongate style debates that have been going on since the beginning of this new console cycle. That didn’t exactly happen. In fact, the opposite happened. And now this disaster may claim one more victim: PC.

According to timois, a member of the PC Master Race subreddit, an engineering team — comprised of a Game Architect, an Online Programmer, and a person from HR — from Ubisoft attended his school today to detail their line of work. Questions flowed in from various redditors for timois to ask the team. The inquiries provided were not surprising, but one question happened to produce an answer that greatly upset the community.

“Are you aware of the negative response to the recent decision to lock your games (like AC:Unity) into 30 frames per second? If so, what do you think about that?” one redditor queried. The Game Architect responded to this question and the rage-inducing portion of his answer came when he implied that Microsoft was requiring that Ubisoft lock Assassin’s Creed Unity’s framerate on PC, too.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement from Ubisoft regarding this matter, I can’t say it would be too shocking if it turned out to be true. Recent new gen releases, such as Dead Rising 3 and The Evil Within, have seen a 30fps cap on PC. This has left the PC community to take matters into their own hands by altering files and creating the experience they were hoping for from the beginning. So, even if Unity ends up with a similar cap, it won’t take much for someone to unlock it. However, that doesn’t make this situation any less frustrating.

Those that have invested heavily in their PC systems, using top of the line components, should not have to see their setup be handicapped because of the lackluster offering (by comparison) of current gaming consoles. Let’s all hope that the statements taken from this school visit were incorrect and that PC owners won’t have to find various workarounds to avoid that “cinematic” framerate cap.

Source: Reddit

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  • Larxene howar
    • jaskdavis

      Can you imagine…

  • Fenrir Posorski

    Come, I want to hear your tears oh “PC gaming Master Race” jaggoff!

    • The PC Master Race

      “Thank You Based Durante”


      • Guester

        silky smooth 30 fps

        • The PC Master Race

          ini fixed within 30 minutes of launch


          • JP

            Yeah like they did in Sim city

        • Unwittingnemesis

          30 fps is so 1985…oh, wait; NES ran games at 60.

    • kcn4000

      If I own a Honda Civic all Hondas, including the NSX, should be limited to not go any faster, otherwise it isn’t fair!

      • jaskdavis

        But the question remains… WHY WOULD YOU BUY A HONDA CIVIC?

    • yourlordchip

      Mods will unlock it

      • Fenrir Posorski

        Oooooone glaring problem. They will not optimize for the PC to get past 30. Meaning unlocking it by mods could lead to very unstable stuff.

  • Lacerz

    Pretty sure Ubisoft said that they didn’t like the way the game played at 60fps. According to them, 30fps is more cinematic and feels better.

  • 111AlaN111

    Ubisoft is now trying to ruin gaming on PCs.

    • Unseen

      “But we care, so do buy our games” — Ubisoft several months ago… and last year, and the year before, and the year before that…

  • jon may

    no biggy will just unlock it…

  • jon may

    sad that we have too..

  • StarveBox_One

    UbiMicrosoft Lmao, I wonder how many multiplat Devs they’ve bribed for parity ????…

    • The PC Master Race

      Actually the Ubisoft coder who said it said Sony also pay for parity. Which explains Watch_Dogs missing settings.

      Shills. Shills everywhere.


    At a silky 27.2 FPS


  • NathGamer

    “Silky smooth”?

  • Carl Dav

    Lmao…read the story title and scrolled straight into the dumpster fire aka the comments section.

    Seriously though, Ubisoft is making all the wrong moves right now. I’m 100% sure the game will look beautiful and amazing on all platforms, but to hold any one of them back because you want “parity” is freaking stupid.

  • neel17

    If it looks beautiful then I don’t care. I played assassins creed 3 whose graphics were nothing compared to revelations but I love the series.

  • Roman

    If they do that,it`s over for me with Ubisoft games.
    I can`t play 30 fps and i shure won`t buy them.

    AC Unity was the one game that got me exited about buying new PC
    and returning to gaming.It the rumor is true.I`m done.

  • Joshua

    Truly sad in 2014 I can nolonger pre-order in fear the game will be broken or console locked at 30frames.

  • Unwittingnemesis

    …so this confirms, then, that Microsoft is paying developers to create false parity. Is that the takeaway?

  • RekinXXXL

    PC version wont be capped at 30 fps

  • Socius

    They said the PC version will work at 60fps. Which is still stupid. Put the cap in as an option…but leave it open for those with better hardware. There is absolutely no need to artificially cap a game. With all these 120Hz and 144Hz monitors gaining popularity, I can’t believe big blockbuster games are still arguing over 30fps vs 60fps…both of which are useless to the PC Master Race.

  • Anthony Klinger

    Nothing is locked on PC… lol if someone likes it enough (which no one likes assassins creed enough) they will unlock the frame rate.. lol