All Spy x Family Opening and Ending Songs

All the amazing songs that have appeared in the show!

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Spy x Family is a series known for its loveable characters, intriguing plot, and light-hearted moments. However, another important factor that contributed to the success of the show is the amazing openings and endings of the anime.

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These short but enchanting music videos tend to be the first impression fans have about a series, giving them a glance at what they can expect. While not as pivotal to the overarching story, these short but captivating sequences have gained a spot in the hearts of fans of the series. To show them the appreciation that they deserve, we have compiled a list of all openings and endings of Spy X Family.

Spy x Family Intro and Outro Songs

The openings and endings of Spy x Family are an amazing introduction to the world of the show. In just a couple of minutes, the scenes shown and the accompanying music give the fans an idea of the setting, tone, and even a few spoilers of the story that they are about to enjoy.

Mixed Nuts (Official HIGE DANdism) – Opening 1 Season 1

Screenshot: Mixed Nuts

Mixed Nuts, is the first opening song in the franchise, marking the beginning of the show from episode 2 to episode 12. This cheerful and slightly nostalgic song gives fans an idea of how the family dynamic of the Forgers will work through the lyrics and the music. While they are a pretend family, the feelings, joys, and love they feel are real, but they cannot be true to themselves.

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Loid and Yor have jobs that cannot be revealed, as their lives would be at risk. Anya is scared of her parents hating her for having the ability to read minds. The trio may be struggling because of these secrets, yet they still cherish spending time together. The title is also a reference to Anya’s favorite snack, peanuts, which usually come in bags of mixed nuts.

Kigeki (Gen Hoshino) – Ending 1 Season 1

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After an exciting adventure with the Forgers, fans were treated to a calming and catchy song that marked the end of the episode. This incredible song is found in episodes 1 and 3 to 12. Unlike the opening, this song entirely relies on the feelings of comfort and love that the Forgers feel for one another. The song explains how every member of the family treasures their daily lives.

Walking home together, eating dinner, and talking about their days before going to sleep. These seemingly normal occurrences have become their most precious memories. The song does an amazing job of maintaining the same wholesome atmosphere that the show usually depicts.

SOUVENIR (BUMP OF CHICKEN) – Opening 2 Season 1

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Appearing in the intro sequences of episodes 13 to 17 and 19 to 25, this slow but happy song delves deep into the emotions of a certain spy. SOUVENIR is different from the rest of the opening in the Spy x Family franchise, as the opening seems to imply that the lyrics are Loid’s inner thoughts.

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Many frames in the intro sequence give the impression that we are seeing them through the eyes of Loid, like when he sees Yor walking in front of him. The song talks about how Agent Twilight never stopped to appreciate the world around him until he had a family. It is an incredibly meaningful song that gives more depth to Loid’s character, as he hardly ever talks about his emotions in the show.

Shikisai (Yama) – Ending 2 Season 1

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This ending is arguably one of the best animated in the entire series, with many fans praising it for its stunning scenes and use of color. The ending can be found in episodes 13 to 25. This song does not reflect the feelings or thoughts of the Forger Family. Instead, it appears to be someone outside the family giving Anya encouragement as she grows up in a chaotic world.

The lyrics emphasize how even the most stressful and saddening moments should be appreciated. Each experience is a color that we can use to paint our stories and we should feel encouraged to share them with others.

Kura Kura (Ado) – Opening 1 Season 2

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One of the most energizing openings, this song marks the beginning of Season 2 of Spy X Family. Leaving behind the wholesomeness of the family dynamic, this song talks about how confusing it can be to live a double life. The lyrics depict the pressure the Forger Family feels every day while trying to hide their secrets from each other.

Ado also talks about how fragile the between good and bad can be, warning viewers to be careful when dealing with these topics. This is likely a reference to Loid and Yor doing their best to keep their countries safe. Some may see them as heroes, but others may see their actions as evil.

Todome no Ichigeki (Vaundy feat. Cory Wong) – Ending 1 Season 2

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Appearing during the end credits of Spy x Family Season 2, Todome no Ichigeki can be described as a saddening but hopeful song. This song represents the fears and anxieties Loid and Yor may feel whenever they are near each other. They want to stay together as much as possible, but they are both aware of how harmful this could be in the future.

Loid is worried about leaving his family behind once Operation Strix is over, while Yor fears that her job may drive their family apart. Still, the lyrics also depict their desires and determination to continue being a family. Overall, the song may leave fans with a bitter-sweet taste, as it talks about themes that do not appear often in the show.

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