Ranked: The Best Fights in Record of Ragnarok Season 1

What are the best fights in Record of Ragnarok Season 1?

by J.R. Waugh
Record of Ragnarok Best Fights Ranked
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Record of Ragnarok is simply wild, a crazy concept of a series that enables fans to answer the questions we didn’t know we had, like “What if Nikola Tesla put up his dukes against the Lord of the Flies?” Every matchup in this series is meant to be crazy, fascinating, and exciting to follow, especially when you know that the loser in each battle dies. With gods being pitted against humans, with humanity’s existence in the balance, there are some incredible fights so far in the series. We’ve gone ahead and ranked the best and most entertaining fights in Record of Ragnarok Season 1!

What Are the Best Fights in Record of Ragnarok Season 1?

Record of Ragnarok features 3 fascinating bouts in its inaugural season. It pulls no punches in just how brutal some of the deaths can be, but it’s also immensely satisfying, portraying the culture and lore behind each character represented by legends or history. While it often comes down to which characters offer a more compelling background, this doesn’t prevent some of these fights from being total showstoppers, with the following featured in Season 1:

  • Round 1: Thor vs. Lü Bu
  • Round 2: Zeus vs. Adam
  • Round 3: Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki

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With a roster prominently featuring powerful Greek and Norse gods, you know humanity is in danger. But the human side has a few tricks up its sleeve courtesy of Brunhilde…

3. Zeus vs. Adam

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I’ll start by saying that conceptually and story-wise, the characters are far more interesting than the fight itself. In Record of Ragnarok, Adam is written as having an incredibly strong resentment towards the gods, which is rather understandable. Meanwhile, Zeus embodies the “dirty old man” trope similar to Dragon Ball’s Master Roshi, down to his wiry physique and bizarre hulked-out Max Power form. Adam’s backstory is decent, and his supporting characters are endearing, but the main detractor is the rendition of the fight itself.

The fight has a compelling premise, Adam’s Knuckleduster Volundr is simplified enough for us to enjoy the human fighter’s fascinating special abilities. His Divine Reflection ability allowed him to copy the moves of his enemies, including Zeus, with the drawback being an immense strain on his nervous system processing each of the moves.

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The manga was fun to read, but seeing this brought to life, especially in the moments where they trade blows, feels like a lame Dragon Ball Z fight, not a Seinen spectacle. By the end, without spoiling anything, it’s practically more of a test of endurance than anything else, and that’s just for the viewers.

2. Thor vs. Lü Bu

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The inaugural fight of the series, and a great presentation of the gimmick that keeps humans alive against an otherwise invincible foe. Lü Bu, from the Three Kingdoms period in Ancient China, is regarded as the strongest warrior in history and is pitted against Thor, the God of Thunder. Both characters have extremely cool designs, fascinating stories, and just enough of a refreshing anime take on their lore to feel that much more unique.

Lü Bu craved a worthy opponent, and despite scouring all of China, he couldn’t do so, and who should be surprised? In this rendition, he was able to sunder the skies with the swing of his spear, and no enemy could stand before him. Until Thor, that is. Despite this mighty god who has proven himself as a deadly combatant, Lü Bu only sees his first truly worthy adversary, and what a fight to behold it becomes.

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Lü Bu’s Sky Piercer Volundr was a fantastic weapon to go against Thor, capable of breaking past his defenses while the ancient general pulled more than enough of his weight. Meanwhile, this version of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, becomes practically nightmare fuel by the end of the bout. It doesn’t hurt that Lü Bu’s supporting characters are immensely enjoyable to see on the screen while their greatest warrior takes on a god in mortal combat. The result is perhaps not surprising, but it’s immensely enjoyable.

1. Poseidon vs. Kojiro Sasaki

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Reflecting on this fight, this is usually the round of Record of Ragnarok I call the best of the early fights, as it’s fun, endearing, and badass. Poseidon has an unbearable level of contempt for humanity and is just cruising for a bruising. His arrogance seemingly knows no bounds, but it is earned, with his fierce combat prowess clearly on display, and he is pitted against….history’s greatest loser?

Technically, yes, but you have to go beneath the surface of that moniker. Kojiro Sasaki is the most endearing of all the fighters in Record of Ragnarok Season 1, who would only ever see opportunity, not humiliation, in defeat. He became an incredibly quick, diligent student, and this is incorporated wonderfully into the visual storytelling. Each stroke of his sword is full of lessons he has learned over the years, thoughtfully explaining why his revived form for combat is in his prime, an old man seasoned by countless losses.

The way he learns from these losses is brilliant. He befriends those he previously challenged, to the point of them looking up to him, seeing him as a true hero. As a viewer, you can’t help but tighten up in your chair when he sees this battle as the true pass/fail moment, where loss meant death and no lessons, and he simply couldn’t allow himself to lose. The way he fought against Poseidon, without spoiling anything, was uplifting. It was a true wake-up call for the gods, unlike any previous fight. It’s visually striking, and emotionally satisfying as the best of the fights in Record of Ragnarok Season 1.

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Season 2 has yet to fully conclude, but expect a similar examination of those fights soon. With excellent bouts like Hercules vs. Jack the Ripper, Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon, and an upcoming fight featuring Buddha fighting for the humans, you know the series will bring its A-game. Keep an eye on your Netflix account for July 12, 2023!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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