Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 Release Date, Time, and Spoilers

The Giant of Bizen approaches!

by J.R. Waugh
Hell's Paradise Episode 6 Release
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Gabimaru and Sagiri continue to journey through Shinsenkyo in Hell’s Paradise. The latest adventures in Episode 5 showcased Sagiri’s developing bond with Gabimaru, as well as the lasting lessons they impart to each other. Additionally, we see other convicts and their Yamada Asaemon developing similar connections, while others who don’t adapt are forced to face the consequences. In Hell’s Paradise Episode 6, we’ll see the team tangle with an especially deadly, imposing convict vying for his release.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 will release on Saturday, May 6, 2023, at 8:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM EST. It will be available to stream exclusively on Crunchyroll and airs weekly. The show also releases its English dub 5 hours later each Saturday, but the latest will be Episode 4 to air on that date.

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If you’re trying to watch and live in a different time zone than what’s listed above, be sure to consult our time zone guide for the release of Hell’s Paradise Episode 6!

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (Los Angeles, Vancouver)8:30 AM PST
Central Time (Chicago, Regina)10:30 AM CST
Eastern Time (New York, Toronto)11:30 AM EST
Atlantic Time (Halifax, Fredericton)12:30 PM AST
Brazil (Brasília Time)12:30 PM BST
UK and Ireland4:30 PM GMT
Europe5:30 PM CEST
Moscow6:30 PM MSK
India9:00 PM IST
Vietnam and Thailand10:30 PM ICT
Philippines11:30 PM PHT

In Episode 6, we’ll see Rokurōta, the Giant of Bizen in action, while Sagiri and Gabimaru must use their cunning to survive.

Hell’s Paradise Episode 5 Spoilers and What to Expect in Episode 6

Gabimaru and his group camp out and successfully survive the night. While foraging for supplies, Gabimaru makes notes of the vegetation of the surroundings on Shinsenkyo and figures out which plants aren’t grown from the corpses of would-be invaders. The group presses on, but with friction between Sagiri and her fellow Yamada Asaemon — her comrades, especially Genji, don’t believe her to be worthy largely based on her gender.

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Meanwhile, Nurugai, another convict traveling with Yamada Asaemon Tenza, attempts to escape the island in vain. Much of Nurugai’s backstory is revealed, painting this character in a more sympathetic light than other convicts, as a member of a tribe whose cultural uniqueness and refusal to submit to Tokugawa alone was seen as a violation by the Shogunate. A bond is formed between Nurugai and Tenza, along with the amusing reveal of Nurugai’s gender to a flustered Tenza.

But the climax of the episode happens just as it ends, with Rokurōta appearing behind Genji, who went from lecturing Sagiri to attempting to discipline or even kill her. The episode covered Chapters 10-12 successfully, with a tease of Chapter 13’s events, where Gabimaru and Sagiri fight the giant together.

Between Chapters 13-15 in the Hell’s Paradise manga, we see Rokurōta’s backstory, and the Herculean task for our heroes as they attempt to take down this assailant, along with an awesome showcase of Gabimaru’s Ninpo abilities. These chapters will likely be the focus of Hell’s Paradise Episode 6 upon its release. While they ultimately bring this enemy down with a forest fire, we more importantly witness the cooperation of a prisoner and his Yamada Asaemon.

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Personally, I found this episode important in how it highlights the value of cooperation between the prisoners and their guards. Each prisoner has adapted in their way, with Gabimaru developing a strong connection to Sagiri, Nurugai being charmed by Tenza’s chivalry, and Yuzuriha’s wiles being deployed to seduce Genji and charm Senta to her side. Even Chōbei has his ins, with his brother being his Asaemon. They found ways to adapt and survive using their character strengths.

What I found a little silly was how much more obvious it became for who would be given plot armor in the series. As satisfying as it is to see Genji, so annoyingly sexist and obsessed with Sagiri’s gender and station, get his side torn out in the end, it was clear he would not survive because he wouldn’t adapt. Many of the Yamada Asaemon is too rigid for their good, and while it worked out in Tenza’s case, whenever it results in a lack of cooperation or infighting, the characters are not long for this world.

But now we get to see the first truly deadly confrontation between the prisoners with the release of Hell’s Paradise Episode 6, and it’ll be awesome to see Gabimaru and Sagiri work as a team.

- This article was updated on April 29th, 2023

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