The Internet is Obsessing Over Ace Attorney’s Clown Girl

Is the clown girl hot or not? Find out why the internet is up in arms about this character.

by Shaun Cichacki


Another day, another being springs forth into our collective subconscious. This time around, however, it’s a bit more confusing than ever. Internet sleuths have rediscovered Ace Attorney clown girl Geiru Toneido, and the question that has social media torn on two different sides is: is the clown girl hot or not?

What’s the Deal With the Ace Attorney Clown Girl?

It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies, and clowns on your timeline. Many fans of the Ace Attorney series are up in arms that a GIF of Geiru snapping her suspenders has gotten more attention than some of the entries into the franchise. Those that are willing to be “excited on main”, versus those that want to preserve the integrity of their favorite franchise, are at war with one another over this specific character, and nobody seems to be clowning around.

While the character has been around since 2016, someone online decided to take the time to animate the GIF that was described above, alongside some over-the-top jiggle-physics that were not in the original game. Taking a character and giving them a large amount of sex appeal has been around for quite some time, but fans of the series are not having any of it.

Who is Geiru Toneido?

If you haven’t played an Ace Attorney title in the past, the long/short of it is you are bringing multiple witnesses to the stand, usually in the confession of murder. Geiru is one of those that are being questioned and has a fairly tragic backstory.

So, taking a character like this who is broken, and implying that she’s just a hot clown has upset players within the fanbase, with many of them saying that the animation is doing damage to the fanbase. Players may jump into the franchise, expecting a busty clown, but instead find that she’s a horribly broken individual, and no longer see what the “appeal” originally was.

While a meme like this could be enough to get some new players into the franchise, they may be disappointed when they realize what the game is truly about, and that you won’t run into characters that are like this. There was a similar issue when ARMS was released on the Nintendo Switch, and players were finding ways to perv out the clown character, Lola Pop. It seems the internet has a bit of a thing for clowns, but the word that starts with F that should be used to describe them should be Frightening.

If you want more Geiru in your life, then Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice is available now on Nintendo 3DS and mobile devices.

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