Best Minecraft Seeds with a Village at Spawn

It takes a Village!

by Noah Nelson


It is everybody’s dream of starting their new Minecraft server with a Village or two nearby. Though many of the best Woodland Mansion seeds or best Desert seeds recommendations we’ve made also have several Villages close to spawn, this list will focus solely on the best Minecraft seeds with Villages at or near spawn.

Best Minecraft Seeds with Villages at Spawn

Standard Village Experience

If you’re looking for a good, clean, and classic Village to start your new Minecraft adventure on, this is the one. But just because it is standard doesn’t mean it is boring. You spawn in a Forest biome with a Taiga Village nearby. Directly over that village is a wide, flat area cut out of the mountain that is perfect for building your home.

  • Seed: -7939039674070683365
  • Taiga Village: X: -150, Z: 250

Savanna Island Village

This exotic Minecraft seed spawns you directly onto an island that is a Savanna biome with a Village. You can easily use the Village and the surrounding tress to either build home base or escape to distant shores. Either way, this starter Village seed is a blast.

  • Seed: -2927611868038818840
  • Village Coordinates: 264, 71, -376 (Bedrock)
  • Village Coordinates: 160, 71, -336 (Java)

Three Villages on a Mountain with a Meadow

Though this spot isn’t too close to spawn, these three villages on a meadowy mountain are a must-include. Plus, they are only a few hundred blocks away, which isn’t too bad. There is also plenty of space to make your own village close to the others when you are ready.

  • Seed: 2595113116242317821
  • Flower Village: X: -392, Z: -344
  • Flower Village: X: -856, Z: -488
  • Flower Village: X: 40, Z: -792
  • Ancient City: X: -280, Z: -584
  • Ancient City: X: -616, Z: -216

Village with Multiple Blacksmiths

This Minecraft seed puts you near a huge village that has many blacksmiths. In the shops are plenty of great resources especially for early game. Whether you’re looking to chill and enjoy the village or speedrun to the end of the game, this is a great starter seed.

  • Seed: 952520698404159

Desert Temple Village

In this Minecraft seed, you’ll spawn very close to a Taiga Village, but the fun begins as you travel through the desert biome towards a Desert Village that is merged with a Desert Temple. Whether you keep it local at the Taiga Village or make the trek to the Desert Temple Village, you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.

  • Seed: 79942115385233205
  • Taiga Village: X: 200, Z: 250
  • Desert Temple Village: X: 1300, Z: 550

If you are on the hunt for the best Minecraft seeds around, be sure to check out our Minecraft page for more.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

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