Is Iron Giant OP? The MultiVersus Community Weighs In

Who knew that the giant pacifist was also one of the biggest threats in MultiVersus?

by Elliott Gatica


Is Iron Giant OP in MultiVersus? It seems as if the FGC and the community for the game are having hot debates about the state of the experimental character in the current meta. Many weigh in on his fairness in both doubles and 1v1s. So, what has the community riled up about everyone’s favorite hunk of metal from the 90s?

People dislike that he’s double the size of the tallest characters in the game. This makes his vertical attack options extremely viable. With his great height also comes great weight. He’s the heaviest character in the game, so he takes forever to kill. Characters who get KO’d at 100 have nothing on him where he can essentially reach nearly 200 and still be alive.

On top of being tanky and having insane range, Iron Giant also has extremely good kill power. Many people despise his down+special attack ground pound. Think of it like Kirby’s rock move in Smash Bros, but way more lethal and with more hitbox priority. Because of his immense size, he can easily carry his opponents to the upwards part of the blast zones, meaning he can kill quite early.

Finally, he has a rage mechanic that, if filled, allows him to transform into a projectile spammer. It also gives him 30 points of gray health, making him that much harder to kill. As we know, gray health has already been nerfed in the past but is still extremely strong. It’s easy to see why this character might be seen as a problem in terms of the game’s meta. So much so, that he’s actually banned at EVO 2022 just for exploitable interactions among the many other aforementioned reasons.

Iron Giant is quite the issue for many players and does seem OP once his kit is laid out like this. It wouldn’t be surprising if he receives more fixes and possible nerfs to his kit in the near future. Hopefully the nerfs won’t completely make him obsolete like Taz. If he receives a few tweaks to his gray health and vertical launch power to some moves, that would be fair. Only time will tell to see what the devs will do in terms of his balancing.

On the other hand, Iron Giant is somewhat of a niche character who is easily countered by rush downs and combos. The moment you respect his space and allow him to throw things out, he’s going to hit you. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and Iron Giant players can easily run away and wait for you to whiff your attacks.

The character can be annoying and will work differently than if you were to fight a Shaggy. What you can do is make Iron Giant your training dummy in The Lab and perform different things like combos and other useful things on him. His weight class and hitbox might allow you to perform new hitstun chains that aren’t possible on other characters!

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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