Rick and Morty’s MultiVersus Prices Have Been Revealed

Some Confirmations Regarding the Much-Wanted Adult Swim Characters.

by Weilong Mao


More information has been recently divulged for the characters Rick and Morty in MultiVersus, in particular, the number of gold coins they’ll end up costing players who are waiting to get their hands on the eponymously named characters of the well-known animated sitcom, soon heading into its sixth season. With season 1 being pushed back to a later date, players are given greater affordance to hone their craft on their current mains or to grind out and accumulate gold for future character releases.

People’s gotten their hands on a fair share of information regarding Rick and Morty as a result of leaks released in the past by data miners and leakers, discussions surrounding the two began as soon as when the roster for MultiVersus was supposedly revealed in full, back when the game first saw early access or beta testing a month ago. And with the release date coming closer (Morty coming out earlier than Rick), the developers seem happy to disclose bits and pieces on social media.

Tony Huynh, the game director for MultiVersus has generally kept players in the know about the things the developers are working on for the game, ranging from characters to system overhauls. Recently, Tony has confirmed the tiering for Morty, confirming him as an “Expert” character. The label indicates that the character might prove difficult to play or master, but also the amount of gold that it would require to unlock him, that being the highest maximum of 3000 gold.

Doubling down on that is leaker confirmation regarding both characters belonging to the same tier, indicating that Rick would also require the same amount of gold to unlock before he is usable by players in normal gameplay.

Depending on official confirmations as to the new release date for season 1 of MultiVersus, players may or may not have enough time to accrue enough gold to unlock both characters or get the one they want on the date they are released.

For people that have character tickets due to having purchased the founder’s pack, however, an argument can be made that using those on Rick or Morty would prove to be a cost-efficient endeavor. If both characters are priced at the highest tier of 3000 gold, spending tickets on them would be to the best of values. While gold earned during gameplay can be saved up and used to acquire either cheaper characters or spent on perks for the characters that players have already become accustomed to. But to character collectors without the intent of spending cash, a grind may very much await them on their journey across Multiversus.

MultiVersus is available now in Open Beta on the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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