Who Should You Main in MultiVersus? Strengths and Weaknesses for Every Character

Quick breakdowns of each available character right now.

by Elliott Gatica


MultiVersus does a good job when it comes to categorizing each character into one of five categories. It’ll be easier for someone with a certain playstyle to gravitate towards them, especially if they excel in those categories from previous platform fighters, namely the Smash Bros or Brawlhalla series. With an ever-expanding roster, who should you main in MultiVersus?

Who Should You Main in MultiVersus?

Below will be each character in the game so far, up until LeBron James. Each character will also be categorized based on their role. They’ll also have their strengths and weaknesses highlighted to give you a better feel of what they’re capable of.



Characters who are labeled as Bruisers are the ones who can dish out heavy damage and have an easy time knocking opponents out. Oftentimes, they’ll have to be up close and personal with their opponents, hence the name. These are the characters with their strengths and weaknesses. The strengths will be highlighted with a plus (+) while weaknesses will be denoted with a minus (-).


  • + High attack power
  • + Has a projectile
  • + Can provide healing and Rage for allies
  • + Deals status effects
  • – Charging Rage leaves him open
  • – Sandwich projectile has a slow startup


  • + Very fast on ground and air
  • + Good horizontal recovery with the Bat-Grapple
  • + Good projectiles
  • + Deals status effects
  • – Predictable movement
  • – Lack of neutrals when Batarang is on cooldown


  • + Strong ground fighter
  • + Can debuff opponents and heal allies
  • +/- Has Tornado. It’s still good, but not as much as before.
  • – Weak aerials
  • – Attack spacing is inconsistent


  • + Good horizontal fundamentals.
  • + Lots of useful gimmicks like Spark of Love and Gem Dash
  • + Armor break potential
  • – Weak verticals, including recovery
  • – Specials all have cooldowns
  • – Large target


  • + Armor break potential
  • + Good for stalling
  • + Gimmicks can confuse opponents
  • – Slow movement
  • – Slow attacks
  • – Specials have cooldowns

LeBron James

  • + Good neutrals
  • + Has a projectile
  • + Strong KO power
  • – Inconsistent damage dealer
  • – Weak vertical recovery
  • – Relies heavily on having a basketball on hand



Assassins are like bruisers, but sacrifice survivability for speed. All characters under this class have the Glass Cannon passive ability where they take 14% additional damage from all sources. Their speed makes up for this downside since they’re way harder to hit.


  • + Extremely strong ground moves
  • + Good aerials
  • + Gets strong with coin mechanic
  • + Armor break potential
  • – Can easily be KO’ed due to being an Assassin
  • – Some attacks have delays, making him an easy target
  • – Relies on coin mechanic for high damage

Arya Stark

  • + Extremely fast attacker, both on ground and air
  • + Strong horizontal recovery, especially with her Knife projectile
  • + Can inflict status effects
  • + Delayable startups on moves can trick opponents
  • – Some specials have cooldowns
  • – Can easily be KO’ed due to being an Assassin

Harley Quinn

  • + Good use of projectiles and traps to prevent opponents from rushing
  • + Can ignite opponents for additional damage
  • + Good verticals
  • – Some specials have cooldowns
  • – Her hammer has a lot of recovery frames
  • – Can easily be KO’ed due to being an Assassin



Tanks are characters who can dish out a lot of damage, but also take a lot to kill. Oftentimes, they’ll have to sacrifice mobility or kill power to make up for the fact that they’re going to easily reach damage numbers of 100 or more before they are taken down.

Wonder Woman

  • + Excels at ground attacking
  • + Lots of combo potential and kill confirms
  • + Good at blocking projectiles
  • + Can remove status effects
  • + Hard to kill
  • – Specials have cooldowns
  • – Kill potential is dependent on combos
  • – Little range other than Lasso of Truth


  • + Hard to kill
  • + Extremely strong air mobility
  • + Has zoning tools like Heat Vision
  • + Has armor on moves
  • – Big target
  • – Slow startup on moves

Iron Giant

  • + Long ranged attacks
  • + Can deal a lot of damage
  • + Can survive for a very long time
  • – Extremely large target, making him susceptible to getting hit by everything
  • – Combo fodder
  • – Very slow
  • – Has to rely on fuel for aerial movement



Support characters are good at providing quick assistance to allies in a team-based setting. They’re a bit more niche because oftentimes, they tend to not do so well in a 1v1 situation. That’s typically the case in most games; a character with good supportive abilities tends to not have the greatest damage output.

Steven Universe

  • + Can heal and give allies armor
  • + Can create Watermelon Steven who acts as a support AI and can attack.
  • – Low range on attacks
  • – Specials have cooldowns
  • – Slow startups on attacks


  • + Excels at zoning/keepaway
  • + Can prevent allies from death with his Love Leash
  • – Slow attacks up close
  • – Abilities have cooldowns
  • – Larget target


  • + Can heal allies and give them gray health
  • + Can deal status effects
  • + Evidence stacks and the Police Car move
  • – Not strong in 1v1 engagements
  • – Slow moves
  • – Evidence is too random to rely on



Mages are another term for zoning for MultiVersus. A Zoner/Mage means that a character is good at keeping away their opponents. Think of having some kind of projectile that your enemy has to dodge and sometimes get hit by. Once they are within hitting range, they have (hopefully) taken some damage to outweigh what they can do to you when they close the gap.

Bugs Bunny

  • + Strong neutrals
  • + Projectiles with large hitboxes
  • + Can play support and deal status effects
  • – Specials all have cooldowns
  • – Slow recovery from normals

Tom & Jerry

  • + Jerry is good for juking players
  • + Lots of traps and tools to overwhelm players
  • + Can provide buffs
  • – Spacing on attacks is a bit confusing for consistency
  • – Has cooldowns
  • – Relies on gimmicks to deal significant damage

Now, as to who you should main in MultiVersus, it goes beyond checking what the pros and cons are of each character. You should evaluate what kind of player you are. Do you like rushdown, zoning, or withering your opponents out with defense? Tier lists and other guides like these can help you pick what you like, but at the end of the day, the best character you can pick is dependent on your playstyle.

Luckily, you can lab everyone for free in the training room, aka, The Lab. It’s also a good place to try your characters before you buy them.

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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