MultiVersus Garnet Guide | Combos, Best Perks, Tips, and More

Garnet is a powerhouse!

by Noah Nelson


In the right hands, Garnet is an absolute beast in MultiVersus. She is part of the Steven Universe franchise and she has vowed to protect Earth no matter what. With that kind of conviction, she is just as capable as some of the best superheroes, including Superman. This is your guide to playing and mastering Garnet in MultiVersus.

Best Combos for Garnet in MultiVersus

Unlike some of the other characters in the current MultiVersus roster, Garnet’s normal attacks might be more powerful and useful than her specials. That said, you should be stringing ground combos together often with her ground side normal attack called Crystal Combo, her Shocking Slam ground down normal attack, and her ground neutral normal attack called Gauntlet Strike.

If you are at range, you can utilize Garnet’s Rocket Fist! attack which is her ground side special attack to launch a projectile at enemies. You can also place her ground down special attack Gem Dash marker early which will allow you to dash towards it when the enemy isn’t expecting it. It can also be picked up by your ally and you can rescue them when they are getting ganged up on.

Garnet’s ground neutral special attack can stop incoming projectiles and add speed and armor buffs to your team and her ground up special attack called Spark of Love will create a zone that will shock enemies.

By setting up her special attacks and then pummeling enemies with her normal ground attacks, Garnet can control the battlefield and assist her allies in the process.

Best Perks for Garnet in MultiVersus

Though we already have a best Garnet perks guide that you should check out for more details, we recommend equipping the Marker, Percussive Punch Power, Wildcat Brawler, and Speed Force Assist perks. With all four of these perks equipped to Garnet, you’ll maximize her punching power, increase her ability to dominate the ground floor, and assist your teammate if need be.

For more MultiVersus character guides, check out our MultiVersus page. With new characters being announced regularly, you’ll want to visit often to know how to master each character. Whether you want to know how to master a character, are looking for the latest news and updates, or have a general question, we’ve got you covered.

MultiVersus is out now for open beta on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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