Rumored PlayStation PC Launcher Could Include Cross-Buy and PSN Support

Is Sony Starting Its Own PC Hub?

by Weilong Mao


There are reasons to speculate about the potential inclusion of a Playstation PC launcher from looking at files included in recent Sony titles. Sony has made considerable efforts towards importing its exclusive titles onto the digital storefronts available on the computer. These are intentions made apparent starting from the migration of God of War to the recently released remastered edition of Marvel’s Spider-man on Steam and Epic games.

The extent to which Playstation came to not only represent the flagship consoles under Sony’s production but also a multi-layered brand that will expand its outreach to players on other platforms. Such was the reason why the Playstation PC label came to be as listed on the tags found on Steam’s game pages, and marks all the succeeding steps that the company took to continue down the same marketing decision for the company to have better outreach with larger portions of the gaming population.

It perhaps should come as no major surprise then, that file found in Marvel’s Spider-man has seemingly indicated the proceeding steps of this approach, adding a PlayStation PC launcher to titles available on computer storefronts. VGC has allegedly discovered references in the system files for the game that would point to the game having integrated features between the PlayStation Network, and the game’s PC version.

Specifically, numerous mentions are made to the “PSNAccountLinked” and “PSNLinkingEntitlements” files within the Spider-man game directory. The meaning of these files can be interpreted literally, where the game is later adding linking or synchronization features between both a player’s game account on the PC and the Playstation. Or it can be considered as the company paving a foundation for a PlayStation equivalent of the Ubisoft or Rockstar Launcher, where the company has an app that needs to be accessed while opening its corresponding titles.

As a result of the two diverging interpretations that can be formed, members of the communities would argue that the two files alone are not enough to pin down the intentions or motives of Sony regarding its Playstation titles, and what their future moves will be on the PC. In the worst-case scenario where Playstation PC titles start to feature embedded game launchers, however, player criticism would likely prove limited if computer security or game performance aren’t compromised.

Sony nor Playstation have recently made any announcements about their plans for transferring their gaming catalogs onto the PC, so players will have to take a wait-and-see approach towards any development that could take place regarding a game launcher or account linking between different platforms.

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