Steam Wishlist Not Loading – How to fix

Find out how to access your Wishlist during the Steam Summer Sale!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re trying to access your Steam Wishlist during the Steam Summer Sale to see if a game that you’ve been waiting for is on sale, you may have a bit of a hard time currently. Massive outages are hitting the Steam Store currently, due to the overwhelming amount of gamers trying to get onto the platform to score some of their favorite titles for a steal.

However, there are a few strategies that may let you get back on, and maybe make a purchase if you are lucky. Let’s take a look into these options, and hope that you can get on to buy a few new games!

How To Fix Wishlist Issue On Steam

Right now, you’ll notice by checking into our article about Steam Outages, that there is a large spike in users that are currently unable to access the Store Page on Steam. This is because the Summer Sale Event is something that is revered in the gaming community, and many players are trying to get onto the page at once. This can even affect those that are trying to look for games on their Wishlist, as this is technically part of the store.

Even if you aren’t looking to make a purchase right now, you may not even be able to view it. But, you could try a few of these helpful steps to see if you may be able to access it. One of the first things that you will want to try out, is signing out of your Steam account. This could help your PC reload the page properly, so you’ll be able to browse these virtual aisles for some great deals. If that doesn’t seem to help, you could fully close out of Steam, and then reopen the program.

If neither of these options work, you could attempt to restart your PC, to give it a fresh start when trying to access the Steam Store pages. There’s not a guarantee that any of these options will work, due to the overwhelming stress being put onto the Steam Store page at the moment, so you may need to wait it out and see when these outages stop happening as often. We could only guess that Steam employees are working hard to get these servers back up and running, and you should only have a few hours to wait before everything comes back online if these abovementioned steps do not work.

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