All 10 GTA Online Jack O Lantern Locations

Let the trick-or-treating begin!

by Noah Nelson


Halloween has struck GTA V Online and there are 10 jack o’ lanterns to find. By the end of this guide, you’ll have collected all 10 and scored yourself the Horror Pumpkin mask. The 10 jack o’ lanterns are spread out around South Los Santos.

You must get all ten pumpkins within a single day or else you won’t complete the challenge. If you want to know how to score other GTA V Online masks during Halloween, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 jack o’ lantern locations in GTA V Online Halloween 2022.

All 10 Jack O’ Lantern Locations in GTA V Online

Most of the jack o’ lanterns are close together, so getting all 10 isn’t too difficult. Whether you roll around with your new Übermacht Rhinehart Halloween car or run around the neighborhood, you’ll get all 10 in no time. Some pumpkins will give you treats, which is cash, and some will give tricks, like shock damage.


The first two are on the right side of Grove Street. They are around the front porch and are easy to see since they are bright orange.

The third jack o’ lantern is on Covenant Avenue. On Grove Street, take the left and the first right to get to this street. Again, the jack o’ lantern is in front of the house.

The fourth jack o’ lantern is on the house at the corner of Covenant Avenue on the southeast side.

The fifth jack o’ lantern is in front of the house on Dutch London Street and the alleyway.

The sixth jack o’ lantern is by a tree in front of a house. Be careful because this jack o’ lantern will cause you to blow up.

The seventh jack o’ lantern is in front of an apartment complex on Dutch London Street.

The eight jack o’ lantern is in front of a different apartment complex on the southeast side of Dutch London Street. This jack o’ lantern will turn you into a crow.

The ninth jack o’ lantern is on the porch of a house on the northwest side of Jamestown Street.

The tenth jack o’ lantern is located on the porch of a house on the northeast corner of Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street.

Now that you have collected all 10 jack o’ lanterns in GTA V Online, you have unlocked the Horror Pumpkin mask. For more GTA V Online content, check out our GTA V page.

GTA V is available now on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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