All 3-Plate Vest Barter Recipes in CoD Warzone DMZ

Learn how to create each vest in DMZ.

by Christian Bognar
Image: Activision

Players must focus on scavenging materials and resources in Call of Duty Warzone DMZ. Picking up suitable materials around the map will allow players to create helpful armor and items at the Barter Table, such as three-plate vests. Four three-plated vests are available in the Barter System and provide a substantial boost against NPC enemies and other players. If you want to craft all three plated vests in CoD Warzone DMZ, we have you covered as we will go over each recipe.

Every 3-Plate Vest Recipe in Call of Duty: DMZ

Below are four three-plated vests that players can craft in the Barter System. Read further to discover the materials needed to create each.

  • Three-plate Stealth Vest
  • Three-plate Comms Vest
  • Three-plate Medic Vest
  • Three-plate Tempered Vest

Recipe for the Three-plate Stealth Vest

When the Stealth Vest is equipped, it will help players stay off the radar and keep a low profile, making it harder for enemies to find them. Here is the recipe for the Three-plate Stealth Vest.

  • Two electrical components
  • One comic book
  • One game console

Recipe for the Three-plate Comms Vest

The Comms vest will make all UAV and Radar Towers stronger than usual, making it easier to pick off enemy squads. Below you will find the recipe for the Three-plate Comms Vest.

  • Two hard drives
  • Two batteries
  • One soothing hand cream

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Recipe for the Three-plate Medic Vest

The Medic Vest will allow players to revive their teammates quicker while increasing self revive when knocked down. Below you will find the recipe for the Three-plate Medic Vest.

  • Three bandages
  • One liquor
  • One watch

Recipe for the Three-plate Tempered Vest

The Tempered Vest allows players to reach full armor with only two plates instead of three. Use the recipe below to create the Three-plate Tempered Vest.

  • One classified document
  • One sensitive document
  • Two documents

Now that you understand how to create each three-plate vest in DMZ, it is time to go out and scavenge for the proper materials. I recommend going after the Tempered Vest first to increase your chances of having the best DMZ match possible. It can significantly affect whether you survive long in the game.

- This article was updated on May 11th, 2023

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