All Answers for Roblox Royale High Mermaid Halo (2022)

Ensure you get a Mermaid Halo with these answers!

by Noah Nelson


The new Roblox Royale High Summer 2022 Halo has been released and it is the Mermaid Halo. Though it is based on luck whether or not you get a Mermaid Halo, Diamonds, XP, or lose Diamonds, if you choose the following answers, you are more likely to get a Mermaid Halo or gain Diamonds.

In order to get a Mermaid Halo in Roblox, you need to choose the correct answer from the options given at the end of the stories from the fountain at the center of town. If you follow this guide and pick the answers we recommend, you will get a Mermaid Crown in Roblox Royale High.

All Answers for Mermaid Halo in Roblox Royale High

Since the stories are selected at random, all you need to do is find your story in the list below and select the option or options provided to have the best shot at getting a Mermaid Halo.

  • Find Hermit Crab Storm Story — A. Check the Lighthouse or C. Check the Ocean
  • Fortune Telling Oracle Story — A. Hear Your Fortune or C. Ask for a Different Fortune
  • Strange Seashell Story — A. Take it Home
  • Pandora the Nymph Story — A. Agree to Search with Her
  • Pirate’s Lost Treasure Story — A. Help the Pirate Look and Dig
  • Ice Cream Shop Story — C. Use Your New Ice Spell to Help
  • Glowing Bottle Story — A. Open it!
  • Pick a Seashell Story — C. Choose the Pink Seashell that Appears Older than the Rest or D. Choose the Blue Seashell that Looks Eerily Otherworldly
  • Summer Carnival Story — A. Play the Ring Toss
  • Dominic’s Sandcastle Story — D. Motivate Him
  • Smoothies by a Pool Story — B. Head to the Ocean or D. Jump into the Fountain
  • Captain Whiskers Story — A. Accept His Offer
  • Four Mermaids Story — B. Mermaid with the Pink Tail
  • Summer Fairground Story — B. Check Out the Vendors for Something Sweet to Eat!
  • Enchanted Scepter Story — B. Ask the Water Fairies About it!
  • Cake Decorating Contest Story — D. A Coral Reef Cake
  • Water Cave Passages Story — D. Vivid Illustrations of Fish Painted by Mermaids

And that is all of the stories and answers that will give you the best chance to get a Mermaid Halo. Again, the stories are randomized and while these are the best answers to pick to get a Mermaid Halo, it is still based on luck if you do or don’t get a Mermaid Halo on your first try. Keep trying and you will get a Mermaid Halo!

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Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Mobile, and PC.

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