How to become a Slayer in Project Slayers

Slay demons fast after beating these challenges

by Caleb Stultz


Roblox’s Project Slayers is a fighting/RPG game where players get to create their own characters and interact with the anime/manga world of Demon Slayer. Players get to make dozens of game-altering decisions that will impact the course of their character’s story. One of those decisions is to choose between staying as a human and fighting off demons or going down a dark path and attacking the people you once called teammates and brethren. If you want to know how to become a slayer in Project Slayers, read further.

How to become a Slayer in Project Slayers

To become a slayer in Project Slayers, you will need to level up your character to Level 15. Once you have done that, head to the Final Selection area until 6 a.m., 11 a.m., 4 p.m., or 10 p.m. EST. When the time is right, you can talk to Kanata Ubuyashiki and Kiriya Ubuyashiki who will give you the missions necessary in the forest area.

To get to the Final Selection area, players will need to go all the way to the end of the map from where they originally spawn. If you leave from the first village, just head to the end of the road. Thankfully, Project Slayer gamer icelinkX from the Project Slayers Trello board has a map that shows you just where to go.


You can also unlock Final Selection by fast travel by opening up the Map in your inventory and purchasing it for 1,200 Wen. You can equip the location and talk to the Horse Guy NPC and go straight there instantly.

Horse Guy can be found outside of many of the towns in Project Slayers. He is near the first village, so players can instantly drop into the Final Selection area from there.

Final Selection Quests

Here are all the quests players will need to complete to become a slayer in Project Slayers:

  1. Talk to Beth
  2. Find Beth’s Katana (Reward: 75 Exp and 250 Wen)—Go up the stairs next to Beth and follow the road until you pass the hill. Turn right from there and you will find the katana near a tree.
  3. Take care of the Sakurai Demons (Reward: 125 Exp and 340 Wen)
  4. Find Ouwbae’s Food (Reward: 100 Exp and 215 Wen)
  5. Help Brandon Defeat 7 Yowai Demons (Reward: 150 Exp and 445 Wen)
  6. Help Many Defeat 5 Heikin Demons (Reward: 175 Exp and 450 Wen)
  7. Help Steve to defeat the Hand Demon (Reward: 450 Exp and 750 Wen)

Rewards for Becoming a Slayer in Project Slayers

When you finish the quests in the Final Selection area, you will be given a uniform, one free Ore, and you can begin climbing the ranks as a Slayer. Change your uniform by purchasing new ones at the Butterfly Mansion.

Slayers also start getting quests from Crow in your hotbar and use new clan skills. Players will also get access to breathing progression, which can only be upgraded via Gourds.

If you’re having trouble starting up Roblox, find out how to fix “Error Starting Experience” here.

Project Slayers is available now for free on Roblox.

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