All Auto Shop Contracts and Payouts in GTA Online

These payouts are well worth the effort.

by Christian Bognar
Official GTA Online cover image.
Image: Rockstar Games

GTA Online is known for the freedom and interactivity between players worldwide. Within this online mode, a mechanic known as “contracts” can offer a hefty payout once completed promptly. With currently eight different Auto Shop contracts in Los Santos, players may wonder if they are worth it and how much each payout is. Read on as we review every contract and the amount you get to complete them—this will include both gross and net payouts.

Every Auto Shop Contract and Their Payout in GTA Online

These contracts become available once players purchase an Auto Shop and have completed the setup mission. The Auto Shop isn’t just for contracts; they allow you to store all your excellent cars and show them to other players. You can purchase the Auto Shop from the Bank Foreclosure website.

On the grid below, you will find all eight contracts currently available corresponding with all payouts. Read past the table as we will review how these contracts work on the job board. These contracts are on a 3x bonus scale from March 9th through March 15th. In other words—you will get triple the numbers below.

ContractGross PayoutNet Payout
The Agency Deal$182,000$163,800
The Bank Contract$178,000$160,200
The Data Contract$170,000$153,000
The ECU Job$172,000$172,000
The Prison Contract$175,000$157,500
The Superdollar Deal$185,000$166,500
The Lost Contract$180,000$162,000
The Union Depository Contract$300,000$270,000

As you can see, they all offer a hefty price tag for getting the job done right, especially the Union Depository Contract that grants players a whopping 270 thousand in a net payout. That’s a whole lot of green!

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Each of these contracts has three missions in total that are required for players to receive large payouts. They shouldn’t take a a decent amount of time, but the effort will be well worth it at the end of the day.

These contracts work on a rotating basis and cycle through randomly. When they cycle, the job board will only show three at a time, meaning you must pick between one. It is important to remember that once you complete a contract, you can’t go back and repeat the same one right away. Instead, you need to complete the other two contracts available first.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2023